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Where to find talent for startup?

Where to find talent for a startup?

If you are a startup founder, or working for a startup, chances are that you’ve encountered one of the biggest challenges keeping startups from their desired growth and development trajectories – the difficulty of bringing in new talent. Adding to the difficulty is the fact that as a startup, you’re

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Diversity and inclusion in recruitment

Diversity & Inclusion In Recruitment – How We’re Moving Forward

As a non-profit career services organization working closely with emerging talent, diversity and inclusion in recruitment is a core part of Startuplifers’ values and strategies. We are committed to creating an equal job market for everyone. However, when trying to implement the best D&I practices there are problems we face

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How Nordic Talents Want to Work During Covid Era

How Nordic Talents Want To Work In the Covid-Era

We decided to get to the bottom of how and where the talents in the Nordics want to work. As companies across the world adopt different methods that help employees to continue day to day work safely, we were curious to know how all this was received. So we surveyed

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Startuplifers – Bringing Top Nordic Talent To Fast Growing Startups

Startuplifers is a nonprofit career services organization matching the best startups with top Nordic talent. We come from Finland – the land of a thousand lakes (187,888 to be precise), one of the world’s best education systems, and exceptionally talented and happy tech-heads. Think MySQL, Linux, Nokia, Rovio, Supercell, and

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How to Write a Killer Job Description: Checklist for Startups

A proper job description is relevant, inspiring and well targeted. Although we’ve shared tips to writing superb CVs, exceptional applications and first-class LinkedIn profiles, we haven’t yet shared our knowledge of what makes a killer job description. Here are our best tips.   Make sure your job description contains these

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