Thank you! 

Today marks the end of a remarkable era. Startuplifers bid farewell to more than 10 years of supporting brilliant talent to reach Silicon Valley and other startup hubs worldwide. Unfortunately, the Startuplifers organization will be sunsetting its operations in the next few weeks.


We want to thank our more than 200+ partner startups, who over the years welcomed students from our community in their teams. The insights gained by these participants have not only fueled their journey to establishing successful startups in Helsinki but have also positioned them as key contributors, now extending opportunities to current students within our community.

As we bid farewell, we want to highlight the many student-led startup ecosystem organizations in Helsinki that have strengthened their ties to the Bay Area, making students more equipped than ever to reach startup jobs in San Francisco and Silicon Valley on their own. 

Thank you for being part of the Startuplifers journey. ❤️

The Startuplifers Team & Board

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