Bringing together top Nordic talent and world’s best startups

Startuplifers is a talent program that connects talented Nordic tech, design and business students and recent graduates with promising startups in San Francisco. 

Working at a startup in these startup hubs is an opportunity of a lifetime to boost your career, learn a lot in a short period and elevate your way of thinking.

Startuplifers serves both students and startups

Startuplifers is a non-profit talent program for students and recent graduates from Finnish and Swedish universities who want to unleash their full potential.

As a non-profit, we’re not in it for the money. Our goal is to offer life-changing learning experiences for students and deliver great talent for our partner startups.

For students student 

  • Well paid opportunities at the best tech startups in San Francisco for 6-18 months
  • 100% free, all costs are covered by us
  • Maximize your learning and work with the latest technologies
  • Join the active community of over 200 Startuplifers alumni
  • Get confidence to do anything

For startups startup 

  • Add global perspective and diversity to your team
  • Hire pre-vetted Nordic talent in engineering, design or business
  • Hand-picked students or recent graduates with 2+ years of working experience
  • We handle visas and flights for you together with our visa partner and lawyer
  • No costs or commitments before hiring

Here’s how the process works

Apply to our talent pool

You’ll get to join our talent community and we’ll match you with startups based on your skills and ambitions.

Perfect your application with our help

We’ll help you perfect your CV, portfolio, and application to increase your chances of getting hired.

Start getting introduced to startups

We’ll introduce your profile to our partner startups based on your preferences and you’ll get invited to interviews.

Excel in your interview and get hired

We help you with every step such as preparing for the interviews.

Have an experience of a lifetime!

You don’t have to worry about anything after getting hired. We handle visas, flights, and legal stuff for you!

Start your journey

San Francisco

San Francisco and the Silicon Valley area are where many of the world-changing technologies are first introduced to the large markets.

San Francisco

San Francisco and the Silicon Valley area are where many of the world-changing technologies are first introduced to the large markets.

You could be working in some of these startups

Ready to take on new challenges?​

Alumni testimonials

My first project at Notable Labs was to build a new backend service for storing data produced in our drug research. In parallel with this project, I also did both back- and frontend work on the internal web-based tools used by the scientists. Towards the end of my internship, I started researching machine learning models to automate a crucial bottleneck in the data analysis process, which was made possible by the data infrastructure I had already built.

Oskari Mantere

Software Engineer, Notable Labs

Being a member of Metabase’s hyper-technical team was a fascinating experience. I deeply enjoyed the level of autonomy and social support I received during my internship. I worked on almost all aspects of our frontend and got my hands dirty with the Clojure backend as well! My proudest achievement was coming up with a novel way to do frontend testing which had a huge positive impact on the stability and reliability of our product.

Atte Keinänen

Software Developer, Metabase

I worked at Upbeat PR as a software engineer. Because of our small team, I had a large number of various tasks from machine learning to UX designing. However, my main tasks were under data science-oriented backend development. I improved data scraping from the web, implemented various backend interfaces, and created a logic to match journalists for the clients’ needs. I was surprised how free I was to select the next thing to work with.

Joel Huttunen

Software Engineer, Upbeat PR

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