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Android developer from Aalto University now working at UnifyID in San Francisco through Startuplifers

Dat – An Android Developer Putting Your Personal Safety First

Meet Dat, the incredibly talented Android developer with entrepreneurship in his blood, joining the Startuplifers community. He’s double powered with a Bachelor’s in International Business, and a Master’s in Information and Service Management at Aalto University. As a result, his superpower is in business analytics and data science. We first

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Henri - Meru Health

Henri – Making Healthcare Work For Everyone

Say hello to Henri, who’s hopped onboard the Startuplifers journey to San Francisco. He is about to graduate with a Master’s in Industrial Engineering and Management from Aalto University. Henri’s majoring in Strategy and Venturing, and currently adding the final touches to his thesis on ecosystems and propositions. Henri joined

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3 strategies for finding a startup job from the US

Cover picture by Veeti Haapsamo Motivation is the most important asset in the job hunt. If you are willing to spend time with sourcing the companies, perfecting your CV, and preparing for the interviews you will most likely find a job. At the end of January, a group of people

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