Generally speaking, some companies might not want to use a recruiting agency because they assume they would mainly provide candidates for either entry-level or temporary jobs. Other people might think that agencies can not provide big benefits to workers. 

In the vast majority of cases, both of these assumptions are false.

A job seeker can use a recruiting agency to find a wide variety of jobs (including permanent jobs) in a potentially unlimited number of industries. 

Below are the benefits as well as some guidelines for both ends (candidates and companies) when cooperating with on

Candidates perspective

Benefits of working with an agency for job seeker

How does a recruiting agency work?

In a recruiting agency, companies pay the agency to find employees for them. As simple as that. Job seekers can apply to specific jobs through the recruiting agency or can simply contact the agency to join their talent pool. The agency interviews the job seekers and places or introduces them to the appropriate companies. 

What are the benefits for a job seeker?

There are many benefits to using a recruiting agency to find a job. 

The main ones are:

It’s free

Since the company (rather than the job seeker) is the client, the process to be considered for jobs via an agency will be entirely free of charge.

They do a high quality job searching for you

When you start to cooperate with a recruiting agency and join their community, they will ask you about your skills and experience and let you know if they have a job that might be a good fit for you. You can also search and apply for jobs on their internal channels. They will often provide you job openings that aren’t available on any other job sites. 

Their job openings will be pre-screened

You can find recruiting agencies that specialize in almost any industry. However, most of them choose to specify either in specific fields of recruiting (e.g. business, design, engineering), in a certain city or geographical area (e.g. Silicon Valley) or in both a specific field and zone. Therefore, most of the job openings will be selected and approved by people who have a lot of expertise in the field they belong to and will likely be only selecting top-notch companies.

You will get a clear feedback

Most recruiting agencies will give you clear feedback throughout the job application process. They might give you tips on how to revise your resume or provide advice on how to successfully handle an interview. This kind of free feedback within an interviewing process is simply invaluable and is not available anywhere else.

3 key tips to job seekers to become an eligible candidate

The benefits of working with an agency for job seekers

1. Treat it like a real interview (because it is!)

The recruiting agency will likely organize an interview with you to get a better sense of your skills and experience. Treat this interview exactly as you would treat an interview with the actual company you wish to work for. Dress appropriately even if the interview is conducted remotely and make sure you are perfectly on time. Listen carefully and use a clear and positive language to show your attention and interest. Introduce yourself with a good smile (and a good handshake, when possible). Be ready to answer common interview questions but be also prepared to complete a small skills assessment to show your skills on the spot.

2. Be transparent

Be open and transparent about your goals, whether you are aiming at a permanent position, wish to have flexibility, or simply want to develop some skills that will make you an attractive candidate for your next full-time job. Be also honest about your availability. If you are not open to extra hours, for example, inform the agency recruiter. Even more importantly, be honest about your employment history. If you have an employment gap, for example, tell the recruiter, as he or she can help you figure out how to smoothly explain this to an employer.


3. Keep an open mind

Even if you are aiming at a full-time position, consider being open to temporary jobs. These can help you develop skills that might be useful when you apply for your next full-time job. If you impress an employer, he or she might happily try to find you a full-time position at the company.

Companies perspective

Bringing aboard new employees is time-consuming and expensive, and these costs and efforts instantly become pointless if you make a bad hire. Engaging the services of a recruitment agency (ahem, Startuplifers) may be just what you need to help you get the right fit. 

You can easily increase your chances of finding a candidate who is the right match for the job and your organisation by choosing a recruitment agency that has a process and people dedicated to understanding your needs.

Recruitment agencies help companies to save time and money by letting them “fish” from networks of job candidates that their recruiters build and manage. Those connections are particularly important in today’s hiring dynamics, where skilled talent is in high demand and hard to find.

So, what are other benefits of using a recruitment agency that your business might expect? By working with the right agency, you have the opportunity to gain a long-term partner for recruiting and hiring that truly understands your business.

3 key tips to companies to get the full value out of a cooperation with a recruitment agency

1. Be very clear about your needs

Clearly communicate your company’s requirements and timings for bringing someone on board. It is also a good idea for your agency’s contact people to be aware of the general dynamics of your workplace. This will give them a better sense of your corporate culture, the work environment and, most importantly, the type of person who’s likely to excel in your organisation.

2. Look for specific expertise

If you’re a SaaS company, you’ll get the most from an agency that focuses on placing Full-Stack, Front-End and Back-End engineers. Likewise, if you run a creative company you will want to find designers and sales people with industry experience. Often, a recruitment agency’s recruiters are people who are very focused on a specific field or type of position. Their industry knowledge and expertise helps them find the best matches between employers and candidates. A candidate from a specialized agency is likely to be much more fitting to your company compared to a lower-cost candidate from a general recruitment firm.

3. Always stay in touch

Your work with a recruitment agency shouldn’t end when a candidate provided by them accepts your job offer. Specialized recruitment agencies can have a role in the success of your company. Keep them informed of any changes in your requirements. After an employee comes on board, review their progress with the agency during and after their time in your company. Maintaining communication and providing feedback allows the agency to better understand how to serve you and make the right hires for your company in the future. It is way better to cooperate with a very limited number of recruiting agencies (even only with one) that really understand your needs, rather than with several that do not have a proper inside perspective of your company and what you will be seeking on the job market.

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