We decided to get to the bottom of how and where the talents in the Nordics want to work. As companies across the world adopt different methods that help employees to continue day to day work safely, we were curious to know how all this was received. So we surveyed 98 students and graduates from Finnish and Swedish universities on their take. Here’s what we found.

The demographics

Majority of the respondents, 43% to be precise, are emerging Nordic talents with less than 2 years of work experience. Meanwhile, 29% have 2-3 years of experience, while 15% have 3-4 years and 13% over 4 years respectively. Moreover, 58% indicated they’ve worked fully remotely, 37% partially remotely, and 6% as never having worked remotely, before. Check out our previous blog post for more information on who answered the survey and the key trends the results unveiled.

Relocating for work – Yay or Nay?

First, we asked the respondents to tell us where they are located right now. 76 of them are currently living in Finland and 11 in Sweden. The remaining respondents are in the United States (3), Portugal (2), Germany (1), the Netherlands (1), France (1), Taiwan (1), India (1), and Denmark (1), at the moment.

Then we presented them with 5 location choices on where they’d like to work next. The percentage of respondents who are not willing to work in a specific location was small – 10% Finland; 14% Sweden; 13% Nordics (excluding Finland and Sweden); 6% European Union (EU), European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland (excluding Nordics); 3% Rest of the world. Thus, the vast majority of them were open to working anywhere, particularly further away from home (the Nordics). Geography was not a problem.

How do Nordic talents want to work?

There are many work options available today. You don’t have to physically relocate to a land far far away to get your dream job. Instead, it’s possible to work for any company in the world from the comfort of your home, thanks to ‘remote work’. So we decided to dig a level deeper and find out how Nordic talents preferred to work, and if it changes based on the location.

We provided the same 5 location options as mentioned before, and asked the respondents if they preferred to work in the said location ‘remote only’, ‘on- site only’, ‘remote start and transfer to on-site later’ or ‘not interested in working here’. They could select all the options they preferred.

On average 42% of the respondents preferred working ‘remote only’, while 33% opted for the ‘on-site only’ option. Finland was the most popular for remote work with 46% preference, whilst Sweden was the least with 38%. As for ‘onsite only’ work, Finland emerged on top again with 41% preference, whereas the Nordics (excluding Finland and Sweden) was the least preferred with only 29%. Meanwhile, the majority of respondents (an average of 66%) selected that they’d like to start work remotely and transfer to onsite later. The highest number of respondents (75%) preferred this remote start model when working in the rest of the world, while the Nordics were selected by the least (63%).

All in all, there isn’t a big difference between where Nordic talents prefer to work. They are eager to go after that dream job, whether it’s at home or on the other side of the world. However, they are cautious about how they work. From the looks of it, they want to wait out the storm by first starting work remotely from the safety of their homes, and then joining their new teams on-site when the world reopens.


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