Say hello to Henri, who’s hopped onboard the Startuplifers journey to San Francisco. He is about to graduate with a Master’s in Industrial Engineering and Management from Aalto University. Henri’s majoring in Strategy and Venturing, and currently adding the final touches to his thesis on ecosystems and propositions.

Henri joined Meru Health as their Director of Operations and Scalability. However, he first treaded into the health sector right here in Finland. Then he worked for Kone, getting hands-on experience within an international business, before moving on to Junction, where he learned more from the startup world and how innovation works between industry and startups. Just like that Henri achieved the perfect combination of industry experience to take on Silicon Valley.

At Meru, Henri knows he is taking on a role and a market where responsibilities are much larger. However, he finds combining completely new learning with those gained from previous workplaces truly exciting.

It was clear from the get-go that Henri sees Meru Health as much more than an employer; “I watched healthcare in transition for a long time and was taken by the startup world. Meru isn’t just about doing a product or a service but really delivering an impact. It’s inspiring how this startup is breaking the mindset of the past and creating something new from ‘surprising’ angles. It made sense for me to go work at Meru.”

Henri’s new role comes with a line up of hefty responsibilities; “I’ll be working on the scalability of Meru’s product from the very beginning and building structures internally so that we’re good to go for growth. On the operations side, I’m measuring and following relevant KPIs, making sure that we’re on the right track. The company is operating in the US, allowing for more growth and scalability. I want to be a part of making that journey possible.”

It was the Startuplifers community that first compelled Henri to apply for this role through us. He is looking forward to exploring the valley with fellow Lifers, as well as discovering new things by himself. Of course, the thought of bathing in the Californian sunshine helped too.

Henri’s most excited about meeting all the team members at Meru Health face to face; “Every time we’ve met, I’ve learned so much, so it’ll be exciting to be surrounded by them on a daily basis. I prefer to work in a good team and produce good results together”.

What does the future hold for Henri? “In the future, I’d like to understand complex systems, for example connect teams within an organization to come up with solutions to problems we’re facing. If I succeed I’ll be creating so much good not for only my team but also for the society. ”

Keep up the great work Henri! You are a true inspiration. Follow him on Instagram: @henri.he

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