Meet Dat, the incredibly talented Android developer with entrepreneurship in his blood, joining the Startuplifers community. He’s double powered with a Bachelor’s in International Business, and a Master’s in Information and Service Management at Aalto University. As a result, his superpower is in business analytics and data science.

We first met Dat when he was working as an Android developer for GuardianX, a startup that attended Kiuas Accelerator in Summer 2019. He joined the company in early 2019, where they’re developing a platform for personal safety.

However, now he’s moved on to the next challenge in this field with UnifyID; “I’ll be continuing to work on Android development at UnifyID. It’ll be exciting to work with a lot of sensor data and build an application based on that, and advance possibilities for user authentication without passwords. Moreover, the working environment will definitely be more dynamic. I’ll get the chance to work with the top-notch people. Based on the talks with the employer, the majority of the staff are coming from places like Facebook, Google, and others. So, I’m looking forward to the different working cultures and having a bit more pressure in a good way.”

It was his friend, Vinh Loc, who went to New York to work at a startup called Republic, who really inspired Dat to apply to work at UnifyID through Startuplifers. He thinks San Francisco or Silicon Valley is something every engineer should experience in their careers.

Dat’s journey into Android development is really interesting. He said, “Coding is a bit different for me as my major isn’t Computer Science. Google sponsored a scholarship through Udacity, and I learned to code from early 2017 through it. After that, I’ve been just learning programming on my own. Coding skills develop with several smaller projects. For instance, working at GuardianX, I’ve been building projects from scratch.”

To sum up, many things about moving to San Fransisco excites Dat. Mostly, he’s eager to get leverage for his aspiring career and experience the American culture. Above all, he welcomes the opportunity to explore himself in a new environment and dimensions.

What an amazing story of success. Good luck Dat!

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