What does it really take to work at a startup in San Francisco or Singapore, two of the world’s fastest tech hubs?

3- hour sleep rhythm and some black magic? Nope.  


Quite average tech stack and a curious mind eager to learn.

When applying for a startup job abroad or a tech internship it’s better not to worry too much about mastering every single skill and requirement listed on the job description. In the tech scene, the products and services tend to evolve rapidly, so what is important is the ability to adapt to new situations. Startups look for people who are curious, eager to take initiative and able to learn new skills. Instead of knowing everything in beforehand, it’s normal to just crawl through Google, Quora and Stack Overflow for answers.


Here are a few of our latest positions:


San Francisco


ALICE – Frontend Developer

 ALICE is an artificial intelligence platform that understands construction management and scheduling. It is built as a single-page javascript app. ALICE explores millions of different schedule sequences and thus enhances the construction planning, scheduling, and management abilities.

 As a Frontend Developer, you will contribute to a new kind of interface, work with 3D models, juggle giant datasets, model complex user interactions, design solutions to complex problems, and explore AI algorithms.

 The tech stack includes a good foundation of Javascript, CSS and UI frameworks. Additional experience with D3.js and Scala is a great bonus.


PopDog – UX/UI Designer

 Popdog is fixing the core problems in the e-sports and live streaming industry, as they are building tools meant to power the future of the space.  Although Popdog is only a bit over a year old, they already work with basically every game publisher and have brands like Red Bull and Adidas as their clients.

 As a UX/UI Designer, you will work closely with UI/UX Designers and Product Managers to turn your team’s vision into a working and polished prototype. You are expected to have a strong vision about what makes a good user experience.

 The requirement is the ability to rapidly write strong HTML, Javascript, and SCSS. Also, extensive frontend framework experience (ideally Vue, Angular 1.X, or similar) and, an ability to work with Photoshop/Illustrator or Sketch is expected.


CloudCath –  Head of Software

 CloudCath is building a sensor and a digital platform that provides early complication detection for dialysis patients. CloudCath is founded by Stanford alumni and they have participated in the StartX Accelerator.

 As a Head of Software, you have an amazing opportunity to build up their software from scratch, as they have just closed the seed round and have their first pilots running.

 The required languages include JS, Java, Python. Familiarity also with SDLC, AWS and RESTful APIs is a great asset and help you succeed in this position.



Quilt.ai – Full Stack Developer

 Quilt.AI builds a quantitatively validated understanding of the individual’s motivation and behavior with AI Platform. In addition to the interesting product, their work culture seems great, as they have a brilliant 4.5/5 rating on Glassdoor!

 As a Full Stack Developer, you’ll work closely with frontend developers, data engineers, data scientists, and product stakeholders to develop and implement solutions. You will be working in a fast-paced environment and will be required to see out a project from conception to final product, requiring good organizational skills and attention to detail.

 Key stack holds Javascript, Python & No-SQL databases. Also Angular, Django and AWS experience is valuable!


Bot M.D. – Data Engineer

 Bot M.D. is building a chat application complemented by an AI, which answers any medical questions a healthcare professional may have. Bot M.D.s has a strong core team, and they have graduated from the YC S18 batch.

 As a Data Engineer, your responsibility is to build the tools required to populate Bot M.D.’s knowledge base. This includes web scraping, data cleaning, preprocessing, and various ETL operations.

 To succeed as a Data Engineer, you need to be familiar with working with Python, PostgreSQL & Elasticsearch. You are expected to enjoy diving deep into the latest relevant frameworks such as Spark and Airflow, and keeping yourself on the edge of the technology.

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