Example jobs


Our Lifers have worked in interesting and responsible positions, where they have been given a chance to show their full potential. Here's a few examples!

Satu Peltola

Product Designer, Coinbase

At Coinbase I did UX design and web design for Coinbase’s consumer product and marketing website. I also spearheaded Coinbase’s user research initiative by organizing and conducting user testing for their web and mobile products.

Miika Jokinen

Business Development Manager, Petasense

Managing sales from start to finish. Building sales funnel through emailing, calling, online webinars, face-to-face product presentations to potential customers and exhibiting at industrial conferences. Negotiating deals with customers. Attending relevant conferences to build market and competitor knowledge. Collaborating with product development and the engineering team on customer requests.

Juuso Haavisto

Software Engineer, OneSignal

I worked on the customer facing web application, and because of our small team, I had a major ownership on it. Basically, all OneSignal dashboard feature requests and bugfixes were assigned to me. It was thrilling to continuously ship code to over 110,000 clients as feedback quickly found its way back to me.

Emil Ala-Pietilä

Data Analysis Summer Intern, Kitman Labs

Most of my work focused on data analysis and pilot studies trying to figure out what made elite athletes prone to injury with some data importing/processing as well. I got the position on my own but luckily was accepted to the program through the on-demand side.

Some of the companies we are working with in this batch