A proper job description is relevant, inspiring and well targeted. Although we’ve shared tips to writing superb CVs, exceptional applications and first-class LinkedIn profiles, we haven’t yet shared our knowledge of what makes a killer job description. Here are our best tips.


Make sure your job description contains these three parts:


1. Company: mission and culture

Describe what is your company’s mission and vision. Developers are constantly receiving tempting opportunities. Explain clearly why your mission is so important they shouldn’t let it pass by.

Share the best examples of your company culture. Why should one give up a position in a stable company to join your startup? If the answer lies in your company culture, don’t forget to mention it.


2. Position: responsibilities and work environment

To find the best match, pay extra attention to how you frame the position. Explain, why you are recruiting and describe the position clearly. If there are some specific responsibilities tied to the role, highlight those.

Remember to describe the work environment. How big is the team? What is the product stage? How have you grown in the past?


3. Needs: skills and stack

Be realistic and relevant when describing your needs and expectations.  What skills and stack the candidate must have? How many years of experience? Are you looking for a certain skill or rather an ability to push e.g. a full app from scratch?

With too many expectations and requirements, you can drive away many talented and suitable candidates. Feel free to describe your wishes regarding the additional skills, but focus on the must-haves.


Final tip: Use the right language

Before publishing the job description, ask final comments from the person most familiar with the position. Are the technical requirements correct and clearly articulated? Is the tone of voice suitable for the specific people you want to target? If yes, it’s time to publish!


CHECKLIST: Do you cover all these?

  1. Company: mission and culture
  2. Position: responsibilities and work environment
  3. Your needs: skills & tech stack
  4. Additional skills
  5. Contact information
  6. Deadline for applying


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