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Startuplifers connects Nordic talent to startups in Singapore and San Francisco.

Startuplifers serves both students and startups

The Startuplifers internship program started in 2011 when a group of students from Aalto University’s entrepreneurial community believed that the best way to improve entrepreneurship and economy in Finland is to work from the ground up and change the way young people perceive entrepreneurship. To complete this mission, we have sent ambitious talented students to fast-growing startups in the San Francisco Bay Area and Singapore to experience the world’s most important startup ecosystems. The goal is to help students learn, get inspired and find the confidence to one day create world-changing innovations themselves. And that’s why we do it all non-profit.

The “Lifers” – our alumni – have done just this. They have become entrepreneurs, influencers and true professionals in their fields. Nowadays our alumni community consists of over 200 Lifers, who get together frequently to remember the times in the program, to have fun or to learn something new together. We have established a firm community also in the Bay Area, where we recently have constantly had a representation of at least 20 Lifers. Our community makes sure, that you’ll have the support any time you have the need for it!

Meet the team

Alina Doumbouya

Head of Finance

Matti Talvela

Head of US

Joni Joentakanen


Veeti Huotari

Head of Asia

Hanna Hämäläinen

Community Manager

Pauline Knutsson

Head of Startuplifers Sweden

Jenna Kallunki

Head of Partnerships

Riikka Ilmonen

Head of Communications

Eetu Valjakka

Head of Marketing

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