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Meet Emma, our Design Lifer from Sweden!

Text by Emma Lundin I am currently at a place I’ve dreamed of for a long time. I’ve always loved to travel and experience new places, cities and cultures. When I visited California for the first time when I was a teenager I fell in love right away. To live

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5 tips for job hunting for a non-technical position

Text and pictures: Pauliina Alanen, @palan3n If technology, future, startups, blockchain or AI interest you, but you’re not a huge tech nerd, don’t worry. You can still come to Silicon Valley. It just might be a bit more challenging (read: not advertised) to find out about the “open positions” as they’re

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How to Network in San Francisco? by Lifer Joel

One typical question when moving to a new city is how to find local friends. In San Francisco meeting people is easy. The atmosphere encourages people to talk to each other — I think nice weather and American extrovert culture are main vectors behind this atmosphere. For example, I had

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