We are thrilled to introduce you to Riikka, a new Startuplifer who took off to California last week. Riikka will be working as a Chief of Staff at Meru Health, a Y-Combinator startup creating a new standard of mental healthcare. 

Before Riikka stepped on the plane and took off to California, we got to ask her a few questions about her background, the new role at Meru Health, and what makes her excited about working at the startup. 

Q&A before take-off to Silicon Valley

Where did you study? Which degree do you hold or are you studying towards?

I studied world politics at the University of Helsinki and graduated with my master’s degree last summer.

Tell us about your latest projects or employers that you worked for. How do you think this new position will be different?

Before joining Meru Health I’ve tried many different things: I’ve worked for a governmental agency, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, an NGO, a think tank, and a global management consulting company. In 2019, I was also part of the Startuplifers team! 

I’ve always been passionate about organizational development and interested in how the different organizations are led. My role in Meru Health combines these passions as my task is to support the CEO and the leadership team in their everyday work.

What made you apply for a job through Startuplifers?

I’ve always liked the dynamic energy startups often have and therefore working for a startup has been on my list for a while already. Eventually, I found the job myself but Startuplifers has supported me with getting the visa. 

What are you excited about working at your current position?

Meru Health is working to empower and help people, who struggle with depression, anxiety, or burnout. In addition to having a meaningful purpose, the company also has a great culture.

I’m really excited about getting to contribute to Meru Health’s mission of empowering 10 million people suffering from mental health challenges by 2027. I’m also looking forward to learning a great deal from the founders and my colleagues!

What would you tell someone who is thinking about applying for a job through Startuplifers?

If you’ve been thinking about wanting to live and work abroad, applying through Startuplifers is a perfect way to give it a go!

Thank you Riikka for sharing your thoughts with us! We are looking forward to hearing more about your experience working at Meru Health and living in the San Francisco Bay Area!

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