We are so excited to welcome Krishna to the Startuplifers Community! 

A few weeks ago Krishna joined Paladin Cybera cyber security startup, as their remote Full Stack Engineer. 

Before Startuplifers, Krishna pursued a Master’s degree in Pervasive Computing and Communications for Sustainable Development at LUT University. His experience includes working as an application developer and full stack engineer in companies big and small.

So what made Krishna to apply for a remote startup job through Startuplifers? Let’s hear Krishna’s thoughts on landing a job at Paladin, his passion for learning about cyber security, and joining the company remotely.

What made you apply for a job through Startuplifers?

A chance to work overseas in an able startup. 

Tell us about your latest projects and employers that you worked for. How do you think this new position will be different?

My previous work was on development of applications for air quality monitoring using cloud at Aeromon Oy. The focus on the new position at Paladin Cyber will be on preventing cyber attacks. The position is quite different compared to my previous experience which gives me a huge scope to learn.

You will be working for the company remotely – what are, for you, the benefits of working for a Silicon Valley startup remotely?

This opportunity helps me fulfil my wish of working for a cyber security company and learn security in depth. Other perks are considered add-ons which include working from home with an option to visit the country when possible, good salary, and medical benefits.

What are you excited about working at your current position?

Learning new things.

How do you feel about joining a company remotely? How was the onboarding? How are things going so far?

I was worried at the beginning about joining the team remotely. Contrary to my belief of getting adjusted to remote joining, it went really smoothly. Everyone in the team helped me make my onboarding smooth. There is nothing that I can complain of so far in the 2 weeks of my working in the company.

What would you tell someone who is thinking about applying for a job through Startuplifers?

The process is simple and effective. Minimalism with efficiency is the best word to define the team (they produce best results with minimal involvement from the employees).

Thank you Krishna for sharing your thoughts and once again, welcome to Startuplifers! 

Are you interested in working for a cyber security startup? Check out the current open positions at Paladin Cyber and become one of Krishna’s colleagues! They are currently looking for a Backend Engineer and Full Stack Engineer to join their fast growing team.