Meet Oleksii, our brand new Startuplifers community member, who joined Neosensory as a trainee Algorithms Engineer. Oleksii, who graduated from Aalto University with a master’s degree in Machine Learning and Data Science, said “studying for three years at Aalto has been probably the best years of my life, thus feeling a bit bittersweet.”

However, he’s now starting the next chapter of his life having found the perfect fit with Neosensory, after searching for it with many companies along the way. In his previous role at Zen Robotics, Oleksii spent 1,5 years improving ML systems as a junior machine learning engineer. “I was previously working on computer vision system machine learning algorithms to recognize different types of waste”, he said.

In his new role he will work on speech recognition machine learning and is already looking forward to meeting his new team: “My team of roughly 20 will include people from almost 10 different countries.” That’s pretty amazing.

Originally moving from Ukraine to Finland was a huge step for Oleksii, who had not traveled before that. Now he’s excited to go to the US and immerse in the local way of life: “I’ve heard that the startup culture in the US is very dynamic; a lot of events and multicultural activities. I don’t know yet what exactly to expect from Silicon Valley but I will try to feel it the best I can.”

Wish Oleksii safe travels!

Oleksii didn’t get the place without an application. Check out our open jobs and apply for open positions today.