Meet Joakim, the latest addition to our Startuplifers community. Joakim holds a BSc in Economics from Aalto University. Previously he worked on building Europe’s largest hackathon and continued to kickstart the operations of a European ride-hailing unicorn in Finland, Helsinki and UK.

When asked about the new role he’s taking on, Joakim gave us some exciting insights. “I’m joining Matchmade, a company building the future of influencer marketing. Their platform enables brands to engage in influencer marketing in a more efficient and transparent way. I will be working as a Customer Success Manager (CSM), working together with clients, using our platform to help them build and execute a perfect influencer marketing campaign.” So what drew him to California in the first place: “I’ve always had an international outlook, and have always wanted to work abroad. I had visited California a couple of times, and each time was quite magical.”

Joakim is excited to, “working with US clients; game publishers and brands of different sizes.” And he also has made plenty of plans for how to spend his free time including, “traveling around the US, especially in California.” Finally, he is really looking forward to, “meeting up with friends I have met online or through previous experiences. It’s gonna awesome to meet up with all the hackathon folks in the US.”

Have a great journey Joakim!

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