As you might already know, a few weeks back we opened the application period for the Startuplifers Passport. Here, you will get support in perfecting your CV, LinkedIn and applications, as well as preparing for the interviews and finding interesting companies. Most importantly, it will give you the confidence to believe that you can and you should apply to work in San Francisco’s best companies. 

The application period ends in ONE WEEK! We listed 3 reasons why you should NOT apply.

1. You don’t like learning.

Applying for a job, passing all the interview rounds, knowing yourself. Please. You already are perfect at everything. You couldn’t care less when a Startuplifers alumni share how their job hunt process was, and how the experience affected their thinking. Learning, pff. Not. Going. To. Bother.


2. You don’t want to get to know awesome people.

This one is a trap. Sometimes, when you meet people and spend time with them, you suddenly start chatting. After discussions and shared moments, you end up liking them. In short, you make friends. But that’s not what you asked for, that’s not what you want! You already have, what, almost 1000 friends on Facebook. No room for more, sorry!


3. You’re not interested in accelerating your career, changing your mindset, and outgrowing your potential.

You like it when things go soft and steady. You don’t want to leave your comfort zone. No need to accelerate anything! A 2-week training that will help you to find a job from the best-known tech startup hub in the world. A job where you will learn more than in 5 years spent in a run-of-the-mill position. An experience that will change the way you see your career, goals, and yourself. For the last time. Not interested. Go bother someone else.

Fine. So you shouldn’t apply. That’s fine. But the application period is open until 21st of October. Just saying. 

Meanwhile, check out our open jobs and apply for open positions today.