Our community is growing again! Say hello to our brand new member Emmi, an Information Networks graduate from Aalto University.
Before taking off to San Francisco Emmi gained experience as a consultant at Wunderdog: “I got a very good experience and a glance at “modern style working” that is applicable to the startup I’ll be working in.” 
Now it’s time to change the landscape and head to sunny San Francisco, where she will work as a Frontend Developer for SafetyWing. She is excited to have her own area of responsibility while wearing as many hats as needed. However, Emmi said, “I’m most excited to actually meet my team in person.”
Meanwhile, a big shout out to Emmi’s friend who recommended this position for her: “It was actually my friend who worked in San Francisco, who tipped me about this position. The international environment excites me a lot.”
Safe travels Emmi!
Emmi didn’t get the place without an application. Check out our open jobs and apply for open positions today.
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