In the wake of current events, we at Startuplifers want to check in to inquire, if and how the impacts of COVID 19 is affecting your life. Moreover, we want to let you know some of the challenges we’re facing and how we’re working to overcome them 👇

📝 We’re negotiating with our partner startups if they could hire Nordic talents for their roles remotely until the crisis is over. Each job post will have information about remote starting opportunities.

🚫 President Trump put a 30-day travel ban for the Schengen area. This is directly affecting some of the applicants in our pipeline who were about to take off. Also, some of the jobs we’re working on have been put on hold.

🎪 Events we planned for spring in Finland are postponed until further notice. However, we are working to reschedule them as soon as the quarantine warnings are lifted.

🏢 Finally, Startup Sauna (space where Startuplifers HQ is located) is closed for the public until 31 May 2020. This means, if you want to contact or meet us it will have to be remotely for this period.

Finally, if you are facing similar challenges, we feel your pain. You are not alone.

Stay safe, healthy and happy!

Virtual hugs from all of us at Startuplifers 🤗

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