So Aapo left for his own adventures and we needed to find someone awesome to make sure the opportunities for the ambitious were to grow even after him. Not only did we get someone awesome. We scored a jackpot! So let’s make a sneak peek into Joni’s thoughts…

Hey Joni! What’s up?
Maybe the most famous Finnish comedian just said that the answer to the question is actually what’s up, so I guess that’s it. No, but frankly speaking I’m doing well. This is a great timing for me to start doing something new as I’m just about to finish my bachelor’s degree at Aalto University. Couldn’t be more excited to join this small but efficient group of energetic weirdos!

What did you eat for breakfast today?
I started this day with a bowl of oatmeal and some rye bread. Oh and a brownie (or two)! I also try to have a joke book for breakfast every now and then to retain my jolly state of mind.

What’s your first impression on Silicon Valley startups after having been introduced to them?
Regardless of their age, the startup founders I have talked with so far have seemed to me like students; interested in pretty much all the things in this world, a bit mysterious and not caring too much about what authorities try to tell them. The Valley’s startups then are a result of this kind of behavior, which is why I think it makes perfect sense to send our students to work there and to learn more from these people.

How’s the year ahead looking like?
One word: interesting.
It will be interesting to follow the journey of our current Lifers in the Valley and to also see how many new people we will be able to send there until the end of this year. I’m excitedly looking forward to exploring more interesting opportunities for our Lifers in San Francisco and getting to know numerous interesting people on the way.

My job at Startuplifers this year will also be to convince more students that they’ve really got what it takes to make it at a Silicon Valley startup – to attract, to motivate and to push them forward. So if you’re reading this, it’s not too late! You’re probably just as qualified to work there as their local applicants are (that’s what the startups there tell us), so please do apply if you’re looking for the life-changing adventure!

The best thing about Lifers?
Curiosity, open-mindedness, and positivity. Their attitude, in general, is just amazing.

Best thing in life right now?
Definitely Startuplifers and my weekly yin yoga classes!

We are doped to get Joni join our team for the next couple of years to come! If you didn’t check out Aapo’s farewell post yet, make sure to read it here.

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