Apply to the talent pool

Here’s where it all starts. After submitting the application form, you can expect to hear from us within two weeks. The recruiting process in itself takes usually min. 4 months provided that you get interviews and introductions at a fairly good pace.

Remember that if you get selected to the Talent Pool, you will remain in our database for a full year. This means that you may get new introductions and interviews throughout the talent pool period. Hence, we recommend you to update your profile every once in a while to have it ready when we find interesting companies to introduce you to. Similarly, remember to inform us if you choose to drop out from the talent pool!

Quick tips before you apply

  1. Concentrate your application to a certain role. If you try to aim for every possible position in the market, you are not a good candidate for any one of them.

  2. Give concrete examples of your skills. Rather than describing yourself with multiple adjectives, explain the projects you’ve done. If possible, list the most relevant technologies and coding languages you’ve used.

  3. In the single proudest achievement, name just a single proudest achievement. Rather than listing several awards or accomplishments, choose one and elaborate on why you ended up choosing that and what the outcome was.

  4. In your CV and LinkedIn profile, always put your latest work experience first. Also, try listing the used tools and technologies that make you stand out more (UI/UX, Python, Rails, DevOps… etc.), and give concrete examples of what was accomplished with your effort.

  5. Even though the Startuplifers team will choose the candidates to the talent pool, remember that you’re writing this application for the startups, not for us.

Ok, now you’re ready.
Let’s go! 💪

Are you still wondering about whether to apply or not?