Presenting Startuplifers On Demand
– San Francisco edition

The quickly evolving and growing world of startups is expanding to extents such that there’s no way Startuplifers team alone could include every single startup out there in the batch pool. Hence, a concept called Startuplifers On Demand was launched already some years back for those that 1) didn’t fit in our batch or missed the application period or 2) couldn’t find a suitable job amongst those that we have in store.

Up to this day, despite that we have already been privileged to help several talented people to find the startups through this “track,” many applicants still do not know how to take advantage of this opportunity properly. On Demand provides an enhanced job application experience for students who wish to intern at a startup. If you are eager to work at a startup in the Bay Area but our application period is closed, or you cannot find a suitable startup from our pool or the match just didn’t take place, On Demand is perfect for you.

The fastest way to get a job at startups is to take the self-initiative.

Startups love self-starters. Likewise, people we can help the most effectively are those who are proactive and committed. Think of our program as a catalyst – if you bring the right chemicals, we can get you where you want super fast and in a more legitimate way.

How does it work?

For On Demand, we will support you in finding a startup that fits your wishes, and when you apply, we can help you with your application and interviews. If you get hired, we will provide the same practical support – visas, legal support, and inclusion into our network of interns – just as we do to all our other interns. Just as our regular application period, On Demand, is available for degree students of all Finnish universities. However, while our application period only runs twice a year, On Demand works year-round.

How to get started?

First, you need to find the perfect startup. If you don’t know where to start, begin with rummaging through these sites:

Angel List is like Tinder for startups and job seekers. All you need to do is to create a profile and make sure you click that you’re interested in all job adverts that fill your criteria. However, as startups get a lot of applicants that just shoot an application to a hundred different positions, you make the best cut by picking the ones you really would fit into and actually personalizing your application. If you want to emphasize your motivation and the effort you’ve put into applying for the company, you can find out who the HR manager of your ideal company is and approach him or her on LinkedIn or through an e-mail finding tool.
As an example of using this tool, read how Sifo found herself a new internship using Angel List.

To quickly find the most potential, less-risky startups that have the funds to grow, Breakout List is an excellent place to start. Once you find a company that catches your eye, you can view on Angel List to see if they have open positions.

Crunchbase is the leading destination for millions of users to discover industry trends, investments, and news about global companies—from startups to the Fortune 1000. It’s one of the most extensive databases of the top startups in the world. Use this site to find new blooming and interesting startups and start contacting!

TechCrunch is an American online publisher of technology industry news. It primarily covers the business side of tech, reporting breaking tech news, bold opinions on new products, thorough analysis of emerging trends in tech. Furthermore, Techcrunch does regular profiling of popular new tech businesses, from early-stage startups to publicly traded companies. You can subscribe to their mailing list to get the latest news on growing trends and potential workplaces.

An alternative is to go through the graduates of accelerators and incubator programs located in SF, for example:
AngelPad (provides a direct link to open positions for all companies looking for employees)

Found one! Now what?

Once you find an exciting startup (or many!), contact us, and we can help you forward. Please note that before you send any applications, the Startuplifers team needs to see if the startups you want to apply to suit the focus of our program. From this point on, we will help you in contacting the startup, support you in your application, and provide tips for the interview.
If you get hired, we will provide you with an intern visa, legal support, and include you into our network of Startuplifers.

Want to hear a practical example from a marketing perspective? Read how Pauliina got herself a startup job in San Francisco.