Are you interested in becoming the best in your field? Do you want to kick start your career with one of the hottest startups in San Fransisco? Would you like to have your flight ticket and visa covered? Then you have come to the right place. Keep reading to discover how you can land your dream job this fall, through the Startuplifers Program.


Startuplifers Program

Startuplifers program supports budding Nordic talent to go after international working experiences, to believe in their own potential and to outgrow it. It combines the adventurous lifestyle of an expatriate with the challenge of working in a high-growth startup, all while having fun with like-minded people.

We are thrilled to introduce for the very first time the new and exciting structure of the Startuplifers program. No matter which stages in job hunting you are at, now there are two paths – Passport and Takeoff, to uniquely support your professional journey. 


If you are looking for step by step guidance from improving your CV to facing interviews, this is the path for you. Passport is a 2-week intensive training program to help you shine on paper and in person. You will get support to build on your CV and Cover Letters, and send out killer applications. Learn how to find companies and positions that compliment what you have to offer, and make contact with the right people. Practice how to face interviews and leave a lasting impression. 


For those of you who are seasoned job hunters, this is the ideal path for you. You may already have your job application ready to go, as well as plenty of experience in acing at interviews. Or you are confident you can excel in these areas by yourself. Then you can apply for Takeoff, an open program running all-year-round, where you will receive all the material and handbooks, but do the work on your own. 

No matter which path you take, the experience is the same. We will match you with a great startup in San Fransisco, and provide your flight ticket, visa and if needed legal support. All you have to do is pack your bags, hop on that plane and embark on an adventure of a lifetime. 


Daily life in San Fransisco

The San Francisco Bay Area is the world’s largest startup ecosystem and home to some of the giants in the tech field. In short, it’s where entrepreneurial spirits are high, salaries are great and innovation is off the charts. And that’s just the ‘work’ part of it.

The local community is made up of vibrant, diverse and talented minds, who are setting the trends of tomorrow. Not forgetting the sun, the sea, and the Golden Gate Bridge. More importantly, there’s always a demand for new talent to take on tech, design and business positions in fast-growing startups in the region. Life in San Francisco is beyond exhilarating. 


Supporting Startuplifers community

The Startuplifers program is not a standalone experience. Through it, you will join the Lifers community spread across Finland, Sweden, and San Fransisco. This group of incredibly talented, supportive and fun-loving people exchange ideas, spread joy and lift each other up on a daily basis. 

Whether you are apartment hunting in Silicon Valley, searching for co-founders to launch a startup of your own or fighting the California blues after returning home, the Lifer’s community can support you through it all. Moreover, after coming home, members of the community have gone on to work in brilliant startups and deliver some truly innovative solutions. By joining the Startuplifers community you will make friends, find colleagues and meet mentors who will last a lifetime. 


Where to start?

Start by applying for the Startuplifers program here. Applications are now open for the Passport Program and closing on the 21st of October. There are limited places available so make sure to get your application in on time. 

The hottest startups in San Fransisco are searching for the best Nordic talent. What are you waiting for? Check out our open jobs and apply for open positions today.