From Startuplifers to Spotify – Aleksandar Labroski

Today we want to share with you a recap of Aleksandar’s story! Aleksandar is a Swedish-based Startuplifers alumnus who has been part of the program in the second half of 2018. He nowadays works as a Software Engineer at Spotify.   What’s your name and where are you from? My

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Startuplifers tech guide launch

Download our newly launched tech guide here!       In today’s society, we have all kinds of computer and software engineering positions with different terminology, programming languages, and purpose. It can be difficult to know what a position means or what tasks or programming languages are associated with that position. This

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FAQ Startuplifers On-demand Program

Startuplifers On-demand is back! With On-demand, you get to take a more active, personalized approach to your U.S. startup job search compared to the other path, where you apply directly to open positions that we list on our jobsite. On-demand allows you to hunt for your dream job at your dream

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startuplifers on demand

Startuplifers On-demand Program Is Back

What is the Startuplifers On-Demand Program? The On-demand program provides a shortcut to students and recent graduates who want to kickstart their careers at a Silicon Valley or U.S. startup. If you are eager to work at a startup in the Bay Area, but you have not found a suitable

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antonio smiling, with the caption Antonio Chippetta from startuplifers to Apple

From Startuplifers to Apple – Antonio Chiappetta

Describe your Startuplifers experience with a few words. Life-changing. A decisive push in my career. Antonio Chiappetta What’s your name and where are you from? My name is Antonio Chiappetta and I come from a little town near Napoli, in the South of Italy. How did you first hear about

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startup recruitment process

Building a startup recruitment process

While recruiting tends to be one of the most important tasks of startup founders, most founders are not recruiters. While on the surface recruiting is rather simple – you interview people and try to hire the best ones – there’s quite a lot to actually doing it systematically and properly.

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Find a startup job at Slush

How to Find Your Dream Startup Job at Slush – 6 Easy Steps

Next week the world’s leading startup event, Slush, returns to Helsinki. This internationally recognized event brings together over 3200 startups and 1500 investors. While Slush has become highly prominent among startups and investors globally, it has also had a big impact on the Finnish startup ecosystem. Although Slush is mainly

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