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5 Things That All Startuplifers Have In Common

I’ve been there too. Okay. I don’t know if you have. The feeling of looking at this preposterously cool-looking startup hustling bubble thing and thinking “I wish that was me but how the hell does one get there”. I’m so normal. I don’t even know what a startup is. I

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Life after life – Michelle

This internship can change your career and the way you see the future. I ended up in Silicon Valley under rather unusual circumstances. During my 4th year of studying architecture at Aalto, I acquired an arm injury that made studying extremely difficult. While researching new technology that could help me,

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Things to know when applying for a designer position

Many designers look to pursue the admirable high-cultural career path as a designer: design school in London or Milan, art history of Middle Europe, AD positions in organizations that let you learn from the best. Few designers get their education only to make their way to Silicon Valley and to draft

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Meet Emma, our Design Lifer from Sweden!

Text by Emma Lundin I am currently at a place I’ve dreamed of for a long time. I’ve always loved to travel and experience new places, cities and cultures. When I visited California for the first time when I was a teenager I fell in love right away. To live

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How to shine in your business interview?

Interviews are like sales calls – situations where you can sell the best possible product: yourself. And just like you would never go to a customer call without some preparation, you really shouldn’t go to an interview either. Quite the opposite. We at Startuplifers pulled out some tips to help

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