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Startup equity for prospective employees

Startup equity for prospective employees

Startups and scaleups are attracting more talent than ever, especially upcoming talent relatively early in their careers. The startup path has become a more formidable career option than it used

How to work with an agency

How to Work With an Agency

Generally speaking, some companies might not want to use a recruiting agency because they assume they would mainly provide candidates for either entry-level or temporary jobs. Other people might think

How to work for a startup as a remote contractor

Working for a Startup as a Remote Contractor

As people and businesses across the globe have been getting used to remote work, the conventional boundaries have started fading away. With many more startups embracing remote work, we’ve started


Startup Job Hunting Guide

A comprehensive how-to-guide capturing everything from what a startup is to how to find a job in one, starting a job remotely and so much more!

Get inspired by Startuplifers alumni

LEAP Podcast

Leap brings you inspiring stories shared by Startuplifers alumni, on their life changing experiences from working at some of the most exciting startups. Find out how they got there, how the experience changed their life and where they are today.

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