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Are you...

A university/UAS student or a graduate in Finland or Sweden?​

A hard-working and motivated person with some relevant work experience?

Interested in working together with the best minds of Silicon Valley?

Two ways of landing a startup job through Startuplifers👇

Check out Startuplifers On-Demand program that helps you to find a job in any startup.  

Startuplifers – Reach The Valley accelerates your journey to your dream job in Silicon Valley

So, here's how the process works

Pick a position and apply

Choose a role (or as many as you like!) that interests you the most and send us a brief application.

Have a chat with our recruiter

If there’s a match, we’ll do the initial interview to learn more about you and to make sure you’re well prepared before introducing you to the company.

Ace the company interview

It’s time to impress the company. We’ll provide you with resources to be the best version of yourself on paper and in person.

Get the visa and start working

Great job, the company wants to hire you! We’ll take care of the visa, flight ticket, and legal stuff, so you can start preparing for the experience of a lifetime.

Didn't find a fitting position this time?

The fastest way to find a startup job is to take self-initiative

Startuplifers on-demand helps you to land a job in any startup. Once you’re hired, we will handle your visas and flights.

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