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Enabling people to outgrow their potential.

Startuplifers is a non-profit talent program on a mission to nurture the next generation of future builders here in the Nordics. Majority of the program’s over 200 alumni play an essential role in the Nordic high growth startups like Wolt, Varjo, Blok, Singa, Valohai, Matchmade, Meru Health, Smartly.io and many more.

We help university students and recent graduates from Finnish and Swedish universities to get employed at top tech startups in San Francisco. Working at a startup in the world’s top #1 tech hub helps them put their learning curve on a whole new track.

We have three main goals with the program. First, we want to accelerate as many young people’s learning and professional growth as possible. Second, we want to build a community that sustains the learnings and the acquired mindset. Third, we want to inspire the community members to join startups in the Nordic region and to help build the best startup ecosystem here with their learnings from the US.

We’re working with a bunch of top-tier organisations in the San Francisco Bay Area to help the ‘Lifers’ get the most out of their experience abroad. Some of these organisations included are Coinbase, StartX, Stripe, Webflow, BetterDoctor, Berkeley SkyDeck, UnifyID, just to name a few.

Now we’re looking for new team members in Finland to take over the following roles and help us increase the impact of the program: Head of Startups (2 spots), Head of Community and Head of Program.




We want to bring more self-confidence, diverse world-view and ambitious way of thinking to the Nordic startup scene so that we can continue building our own success story here.


We consider each others as human beings and respect team members, their effort and their thoughts equally. We’re ready to both give and receive feedback. We are able to observe things the way they are, and we’re not afraid of stating facts out loud.



We’re not afraid of the new or not knowing something, nor do we become paralyzed because of that. Instead, we’re openly interested in new solutions and ways of working. We dare to pursue even audacious goals, which can feel a bit crazy in the present moment.



Things we do serve the needs and interests of our most important stakeholders. In everything, we do our best to listen to the customers, instead of making hasty decisions ourselves, based on what sounds good to us as individuals.

General qualifications


We’re looking for someone who can pilot new initiatives, think outside the box, and pivot as needed when we’re not getting the results we want.

Getting sh*t done –mentality

You’d rather get sh*t done than complain. You understand the importance of proposing (and executing) solutions for any obstacle in your way.


Passionate about helping young people to outgrow their potential; committed to making a positive impact.


Each role will be filled as soon as the right person is found. Starting dates can be negotiated but we hope that you could start during August. We’re based in Startup Sauna in Otaniemi, Espoo.

Head of Startups, 2 spots


Your goal is to increase the knowledge about Startuplifers among the most relevant startups and other organizations in the San Francisco Bay Area to help the program’s attendees find most relevant opportunities. Until now, we’ve worked together with the likes of StartX, 500 Startups, Coinbase, Stripe, Leap Motion, Webflow and many more.

Key tasks

Partnerships – initiate and sustain partnerships with startups, accelerators, VCs and other relevant entities.

Sales – prospect and contact suitable startups for collaboration and push them to hire awesome talents from the Nordics.

Networking – make use of our existing network in San Francisco to create meaningful collaboration opportunities.

Account management – make sure that the talent needs of our partner startups are met.


Head of Community


Having sent over 200 people to work abroad at startups, the community of both current Lifers and the alumni has become an extremely important part of the program. Your goal is to improve the Startuplifers community experience and to also let ‘outsiders’ know how awesome it is!

Key tasks

Community management – facilitate the community activities and build interactions that help the members get value out of the community.

Event organising – organise events to bring our awesome community members together!

Community partnerships – initiate partnerships with relevant entities to support our community’s interests.

Marketing support – utilise the Startuplifers community to create marketing content and communicate that to a wider audience.


Head of Program


We support the people who get accepted to the program in many ways. Be it sparring with code challenges, preparing for tech interviews or helping participants find their fit in the startup world, we got their back. Now we’re making the program more structured and systematic, and need help to do that.


Key tasks

Project management – make sure that we have the needed tools and resources and that things are happening on time.

Program coordination – plan, coordinate and execute the activities we provide the program’s participants with.

Collaboration – collaborate with relevant entities, e.g. experts from tech and startup field, to help the Lifers succeed.

Talent support – enable and ensure efficient use of the tools and resources we provide for the program’s participants.


Read what Laura, a previous team member, has to say and apply below!

"A year has passed by since I applied to the Startuplifers team. I’m still very normal. One thing has changed though.

The mindset.

I know that I don’t know a lot. But I’ve assured myself to be able to learn almost anything I put my time into. I also know that I will never learn anything if I’m not surrounded by people that challenge me to make a second curve.

We are those people. Startuplifers is those people. I owe a life to this community for making me a bit more hustly and a bit less shy."

Laura Takki, Head of Marketing 2018