As an NGO, we ask for a reimbursement of 5,000 USD. This is to cover the operational costs and the candidate’s visas and flights.

From 3-12 months – that’s totally up to you and the person you are hiring. If you want to offer another contract after our program, that’s also possible but you will have to handle the practical stuff by yourself.

Yes, these jobs/internships are paid. Salary must be enough to have live and eat in the city.

Our applicants have from 6 months up to 3 years of intern or professional work experience. Of course sometimes we have even more experienced talents – ultimately we will do our best to find you the person with a skill set you are looking for.

Startuplifers is a community and network which helps you find a job in a foreign country at a startup. The program is open to all students of Finnish universities.Read more about our goals here. The program is also available for students in for example Sweden, Tokyo, Shanghai and Beijing, read more in their respective pages.

If you absolutely don’t have anything in your pocket, perhaps you need to re-time your application (we are being super honest here). If you are just a bit shy and afraid of sharing not-so-great project results, as is often the case, just focus on sharing and communicating the outcomes really clearly. What matters is to have solid content to support your words.

In San Francisco you will get a J-1 visa. Startuplifers will connect you to KILROY study advisors who will help you with your J-1 internship visa application and travel arrangements. If you are going to China or Japan, you will mostly be handling the visa with the startup that will be your employer, but we will help as much as possible.

Finnish universities that currently award grants to their students who get hired through Startuplifers to cover flight and visa costs:

Aalto University – all schools
University of Helsinki – all faculties (one 3000€ grant)
University of Turku – all faculties (two grants of 2500€/student)
Lappeenranta University of Technology – all schools (five 3000€ grants)
University of Oulu: Business School, Faculty of Technology, Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering
University of Jyväskylä: Business School
University of Vaasa & Vaasa University of Applied Sciences – (three 3000€ grants)
Ask Startuplifers team about other universities

All students from Swedish universities can apply for and attend the program. A limited number of students from KTH Royal Institute of Technology will have their visas funded by KTH Innovation. Students are encouraged to apply for scholarships and other funding options. If you get hired by a startup, we will keep in contact with your school to discuss the possibilities.
updated 24.4.2018

Salary is subject to negotiation and varies across different people of different skill sets. However, the minimum salary in startups in San Francisco is  3000$, in Shanghai 5000 rmb and in Tokyo 120 000 jpy. Many get more salary based on their expertise. Also, bear in mind that the salary can be increased during the internship if you do your job well.

We know that moving to a new country can be scary. Don’t worry! We’ll introduce you to the other interns, who will help you get settled in. We recommend that you already get to know the basic facts about the city and if you are going to China or Japan – learn some local language.

The minimum length is 3 months, but many startups are looking for people who can stay at least 6 months. The maximum is usually 12 months, but in some cases you can stay even longer.

It really depends, unfortunately. A good ballpark figure to have in mind is 2-4 weeks to get feedback from us, another 2-4 weeks to get an intro to a startup, additional 2-4 weeks of interviews, and finally 3-8 weeks final decision and Visa process. All in all, it takes about 3-4 months before you get on a flight. This is something we can’t affect, startups have their own recruiting processes and visa processing times vary.

You’ll have to find an apartment yourself. Many lifers have a room in a shared apartment with other lifers or other people. Some alumni might leave the room for you, when you come in and they go back. In any case, our community there will at least give you plenty of hands-on tips on how to get the housing right.

We will do our best to get back to everyone with personal feedback on your application. That said, sometimes it is just to hard to live up to the promise. If you don’t hear from us in 4 weeks after submitting the application, please contact us.

You compete with the absolute standard. This point often confuses people. You are not competing with other applicants of our program per se. The startups will compare you to the level of applicants in their respective country, and decide who to interview based on that. If you’re good enough, we are reasonably confident that we can introduce you to a number of startup where it’s likely that you will end up getting hired by one of them at least.