How to shine in your business interview?

Interviews are like sales calls – situations where you can sell the best possible product: yourself. And just like you would never go to a customer call without some preparation, you really shouldn’t go to an interview either. Quite the opposite. We at Startuplifers pulled out some tips to help

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How long does the recruiting process take?

As a rule of thumb you should reserve at least 4 months for the process. It’s not straightforward to say how long it takes from the point you submit an application to Startuplifers and get accepted, to the point you’re sitting on a plain on your way to SF. As

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5 tips for job hunting for a non-technical position

Text and pictures: Pauliina Alanen, @palan3n If technology, future, startups, blockchain or AI interest you, but you’re not a huge tech nerd, don’t worry. You can still come to Silicon Valley. It just might be a bit more challenging (read: not advertised) to find out about the “open positions” as they’re

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