Startuplifers alumna Emma Lundin

Startuplifers Alumna Emma Lundin – Product Designer at Twitter

As part of our 10 year anniversary celebration at Startuplifers, we are sharing inspirational alumni stories from the past decade. In today’s post we get to know Emma Lundin, Startuplifers alumna currently working as a Product Designer at Twitter. Originally from Sweden, Emma studied Media technology at KTH University in

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Where to find talent for startup?

Where to find talent for a startup?

If you are a startup founder, or working for a startup, chances are that you’ve encountered one of the biggest challenges keeping startups from their desired growth and development trajectories – the difficulty of bringing in new talent. Adding to the difficulty is the fact that as a startup, you’re

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Leap Podcast - Joakim Isoaho

Joakim Isoaho – Remote Work LA Style

In the first episode of the second season of LEAP Podcast, we get to hear an inspirational story from Joakim Isoaho. Joakim currently works as a Customer Success Lead at  Matchmade in Los Angeles. Matchmade is a Finnish company shaping the future of influencer marketing with a platform that enables

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How To Build Meaningful Networks As A Job Seeker

The most effective way to find a job is by leveraging your networks. Even in this digital age of LinkedIn and recruitment apps, getting recommended to a role by someone you know still goes a long way. However, if you’re a first-time job seeker, or new to this part of

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