Startuplifers is a nonprofit career services organization matching the best startups with top Nordic talent. We come from Finland – the land of a thousand lakes (187,888 to be precise), one of the world’s best education systems, and exceptionally talented and happy tech-heads. Think MySQL, Linux, Nokia, Rovio, Supercell, and Wolt – all made in Finland. For over 9 years, we’ve been connecting this brilliant talent with fast growing startups internationally and supporting them to grow and beat the competition, together. Here is our story, and how we can help you to discover your perfect talent match.

How it all started

Not so long ago, entrepreneurship wasn’t the trendiest career option on the block. The fresh talent coming out of universities wanted to kickstart their careers with well-established corporations and big brands. They considered joining an early-stage venture, still refining its product and putting together the founding team, as a risk. To add to that, there weren’t enough resources or opportunities in the local startup ecosystem, to help emerging talent to learn, experience, and grow as entrepreneurs. In 2011, a group of students from Aalto University’s entrepreneurial community decided to do something about that. Thus, Startuplifers was born. The company was first called Startup Life, which later changed to Startuplifers in 2015. The founding team included best-selling author Linda Liukas and startup entrepreneur Kristo Ovaska. Since then, Startuplifers has connected over 250 ambitious students and graduates from Finnish and Swedish universities with fast growing startups, to create world-changing innovations.

Now we help fast growing startups to tackle hiring challenges

We understand that even after the start-a-company-from-your-college-dorm-room revolution, attracting top talent is difficult for a startup. For starters, recruiting requires a lot of time. Then, sorting through the masses and finding the perfect match to join the team, is yet another challenge. On the other hand, while fast growing startups are always in need of good people to jump on board, they really can’t risk high staff turnovers at this early stage. This is where Startuplifers step in.

First and foremost, we take the time to understand what you need to grow your team. Then, using our networks, we scout for the best talent for the job. We screen the applications, carry out the first round of interviews, and send over a pre-vetted list of the most suitable candidates for the role. Basically, we do all the leg work, so you can focus on the most important thing – making the final decision to hire the best fit to take your company to places. 

Startuplifers is much more than a recruitment firm. We give a seriously customized before and after service to both talents and startups. We work together extensively with our talent pool to make them work-ready. Moreover, we spar on job applications, interview techniques, and what to expect on your first day at work. After landing the job of their dreams, we help the candidates to get started with remote tools and/or get visas and flight tickets to relocate. We then continue to keep in close touch with the startup and the candidate, and offer any support needed along the way.

What our partners say

Our matchmaking skills at work


UnifyID was founded to solve one of the oldest and most fundamental problems in the organized society: authentication. Over the years, Startuplifers have matched not 1 or 2, but 3 amazing talents with the company. The most recent Lifer to join the UnifyID team is Dat Do, an android expert who graduated from Aalto University in Finland. Read more about the Startuplifers and UnifyID collaboration here.


SafetyWing is building the first global safety net for remote companies, online freelancers, and entrepreneurs. So far, two talents joined SafetyWing through Startuplifers, to help shape this journey. One of them is Emmi Linkola, a frontend developer working remotely from Helsinki. Read Emmi’s story on working from home and collaborating with the rest of the team based all over the world here.


Matchmade is building the future of influencer marketing. Joakim Isoaho joined Matchmade as their Customer Success Manager (CSM), through Startuplifers. In the wake of recent events, Joakim successfully navigated market fluctuations and remote working practices with the help from the company, leading to a truly special relationship.

Elevate Labs

Elevate Labs creates a new type of cognitive training tools designed to build communication and analytical skills. Antonio Chiappetta is an iOS superstar who joined the company through Startuplifers. He is also the first person to be on board and start working remotely at Elevate Labs. After his initial traineeship as an Intern, Antonio is now working as an iOS Software Engineer for the company.

When it comes to the most ambitious and skilled talent, we have a lot more where that came from. 

Are you a fast growing startup looking for the ideal addition to your team?

A doer, who can hit the ground running. We can find the perfect match for you. Drop us a message at today or schedule a quick intro call below!

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