Our latest community member, Antonio, is a Human Computer Interaction and Design major, made in Aalto University. What sets Antonio apart is his passion for the Apple world. This is what led him to get hired by Elevate Labs in San Francisco as an iOS Engineering Intern.

However, this is not Antonio’s first rodeo in Silicon Valley. Two years ago, he won the Apple WWDC18 Scholarship and attended the Apple’s yearly developer conference in San Jose, CA. He was mesmerised by how rich the environment is in terms of ideas and investments in tech. There and then Antonio decided to work in the Bay Area one day.

After returning home, he buckled up and worked as an iOS developer in consultancy firms and startups, gaining the right experience to put the knowledge acquired in the academic world to good use. At the same time, he kept improving himself with passion projects around the iOS world.

We asked Antonio what he will be doing in his new role: “I got hired to grow the iOS team on the brain training app Elevate and keep pushing its development towards new user experiences. I will use all the experience I gained over the years to help improve a very successful product and keep its customers engaged over time.”

And what is he most excited about? “It will be amazing to join a team that grew over the years with a single app. What they did and the way they reshaped the company is amazing. I want to learn from their experience to be able to replicate such a success in the future.”

Good luck Antonio. We can’t wait to see you change the world one app at a time!

Interested to know more about Antonio and his journey in San Francisco? Follow him on IG: antonio_chiappetta, FB: antony.chiappetta and LinkedIn: antonio-chiappetta

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