In Startuplifers, we find the best startups in Singapore and San Francisco for Nordic students to try their wings at. One of the most frequent questions we are asked is what kind of startups we have. We get new companies onboard troughout the year, so the positions vary monthly.

In this post we listed some examples of positions where you could be interning via Startuplifers. By scrolling this post through you’ll see some of our job offers for developers, designers and business people.

But before we get to the point, an important note! If you want to score a job in a startup, it’s not necessary to match 100% of the requirements in the description. It’s more about your own attitude and ambition, such as the interest towards the company and your ability to communicate how you’ll be able to bring value for the company. Even the startups don’t know exactly what they need, so you can actually be the one to tell them during your interviews with the recruiters.




Python, JavaScript, C++, ReactJS… You know, the battle of best language could continue forever.
There are as many programming languages as there are different animals in a zoo, and we have pretty much everything covered. In general, the positions range from front-end to data science. In the end, it’s the Nordic way of thinking, working and doing that has occurred the most positive feedback from the startups around the world. So don’t be afraid if you yet don’t know it all. You’ll learn. So, a few of our current positions:

Back-end and Front-end developer at PlateIQ – San Francisco

PlateIQ builds “search engines for restaurants” that allow restaurants to easily compare products and prices from different distributors and wholesale chains. PlateIQ wants to recruit developers to work on some of these fields: Machine Learning, Product Development, Tools, Billing Automation, etc..

The back-end is done using Python (Django, Postgres is a plus) and front-end is JavaScript (Angular or React are perfect). Other stack includes Heroku, AWS, Lambda. Expertise in Django is a big plus but familiarity with other modern technologies is a solid substitute.


  • Understand and care about user experience.
  • Ability to work semi-independently on various problems.
  • Solid understanding of Apis and some experience creating modern Apis
  • For Front-end, being able to work with a complex app with 100+ of controllers/services.
  • For Back-end, being able to work with 100+ data models and wrapping them up in elegant Apis in a performant way.

Full stack developer at Ellipsis Health – San Francisco

Ellipsis Health uses machine learning and natural language processing for detecting depression in the interaction between a patient and a healthcare personnel. The team is around 10 people and now we are helping them to find a full stack developer.


  • Bachelor in CS or Mathematics​ Required / MS+ Desirable
  • Back-end software development with emphasis on AWS technologies
  • Experience with HTTP APIs and RESTful web services
  • Understanding web browser APIs and behavior
  • Good technical communication skills
  • Proficiency in at least one front-end web development framework such as React, Angular, Rails, Django or Vue.js.

Ellipsis Health currently uses the following technologies:

  • AWS S3, Lambda, Kinesis, Batch
  • DynamoDB, Redshift DB, Athena, MongoDB
  • JavaScript, Node, Python, Java, SQL
  • node.js, koa.js, javascript, knex.js, GraphQL
  • Agenda, node-schedule
  • Docker, docker-compose, localstack


  • Experience with analytics, building dashboards
  • Experience with iOS / Android Development
  • Machine Learning, Statistics
  • NumPy, Pandas, Tensorflow

Software Developer at It’s Next Technologies – Singapore

Next Technologies is an ambitious deep-tech startup that is bringing AI to the world of animation and Visual Effects. Based in Singapore, their mission is to let creators focus on creating beautiful animations by reducing redrawing shots with the help of AI. Currently they  are looking for a Software Engineer, to help them build their platform’s and it’s customer-facing front-end.


  • A Bachelor Degree in Computer Science or a related subject
  • Knowledge of C, C++, Python and Qt development (PyQt)
  • An artistic eye on UI and UX development
  • Experience with building 3D displays
  • Used to version control (svn, git)




Sketch, Illustrator, inDesign, Figma, Photoshop… Does any of these ring a bell? Building world-class products are nothing without a beautiful output and a pleasant user experience. Our designer spots range from crafting customer journeys to designing user interfaces and products. For designers, the most important way to show knowledge is a portfolio and vision. Creativity is more important than a choice which tool to use to make your imagination visible to others.

Designer at Elevate – San Francisco

Elevate is building an app that trains your cognitive skills such as memory, focus and association. It was selected for Apple’s app of the year in 2014 and currently it has over 20 million downloads. Besides this app, they are building a new one. For this, they need to find some graphic designers to help them to build the app beautiful and easy to use.


  • Proficiency in Photoshop and Sketch
  • Some working experience in the fields of design and/or user experience
  • Strong and flexible skills in visual design and interaction design
  • Knowledge of capabilities and limitations of Web technologies such as HTML, JavaScript, and CSS


Visual Designer at TenX – Singapore

Founded in Singapore in 2015, TenX is a global blockchain and virtual currency focused company. They are developing financial applications to revolutionize solutions in everyday payments.

For this role, you would collaborate with a cross-functional team, including designers, engineers, and product managers to create appealing graphics which are consistent with TenX’s brand.


  • Portfolio of related works to show your good sense of design (e.g. corporate identity, social media graphics and digital projects)
  • You have hands-on experience with graphic designing softwares, like Photoshop, Indesign, Adobe Illustrator or Sketch


UI/UX Designer – Doctor Anywhere – Singapore

Doctor Anywhere is a platform that increases healthcare accessibility and provides affordable healthcare measures for everyone, while enabling healthcare providers to improve their own efficiency and efficacy. By leveraging technology, Doctor Anywhere aims to transform the healthcare experience for doctors and patients alike.

Doctor Anywhere is looking for a creative UI/UX Designer to join the team. As a UI/UX Designer, you will be responsible for delivering the best online user experience, which makes your role extremely important for our success and ensuring customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Plan and implement new designs
  • Optimize existing user interface design
  • Communicate with clients to understand their business goals and objectives
  • Develop technical and business requirements and always strive to deliver intuitive and user-centered solutions
  • Combine creativity with an awareness of the design elements
  • Create prototypes for new product ideas
  • Test new ideas before implementing
  • Conduct an ongoing user research


  • experience as a UI-UX Designer or similar role
  • provide a UI design portfolio
  • interpersonal and communication skills
  • Ability to discuss and explain design options
  • Detail oriented
  • Critical thinker
  • Problem solver and customer-centered
  • Knowledge design Tools – Adobe Illustrator, In-Design, Photoshop, Sketch




Business developing, marketing, account managing, sales… Sounds familiar? The startup world is always hungry for Business peeps who can handle all kind of situations from hustling and networking, to numbers and developing growth strategies. And let’s not forget the huge need for marketing wizards! 

Business and operations manager at Meru Health – San Francisco

Meru Health is an online medical clinic for treating depression, burnout and anxiety. 

You will be successful in this job if you have/are:

  • Value match
  • Strong analytical skills
  • An impressive track record of meeting and exceeding targets on a consistent basis.
  • You are willing to take ownership and make decisions with a limited amount of information
  • You are comfortable with a lot of uncertainty and constant change
  • Willing to spend 75-85% of your time in the San Francisco Bay area and the rest in Finland/Europe
  • Have a strong desire to have a direct impact on the daily life of people who suffer from mental health challenges
  • Strong Finnish & English communication skills
  • Understanding of the US Healthcare Market or willingness to learn extremely fast


Content marketing writer at nCent –  San Francisco

nCent Labs is a blockchain startup that has a mission to create a freer and fairer decentralized internet where the users directly benefit from the network effects they create and own. They are launching a novel new blockchain that has viral incentives built into the protocol. And now they need a new content marketing writer.


  • Work with our CEO and senior technical partners to edit technical articles.
  • Research, write and edit original SEO ready content for company websites, blogs, online communication, and content assets including case studies, emails, newsletters.
  • Assist with designing marketing materials.


  • operation experience.
  • Experience in Blockchain is preferred.
  • Strong project management and planning skills, and deep understanding of content marketing.
  • Result-driven, and great communication skills with strong ability to learn and execute.
  • Demonstrated experience influencing across functional boundaries and/or globally.


Business Developer at Propine Capital – Singapore

Propine Capital is a fintech startup based in Singapore. They are building infrastructure for institutions to manage their digital assets, and they have gone through the Entrepreneur First startup accelerator. Propine Capital is looking for a Business Developer to join their sales team, who would be responsible for bringing in sales and creating strategic partnerships.


  • Developing growth strategies and plans.
  • Managing and retaining relationships with existing clients.
  • Increasing client base.
  • Having an in-depth knowledge of business products and value proposition.
  • Writing business proposals.
  • Negotiating with stakeholders.
  • Identifying and mapping business strengths and customer needs.

As mentioned in the beginning, this was only a sneak peek of our positions. Job offers come and go, and we fill them as an ongoing current whenever we find a great match. What do you think, could you be working in San Francisco or Singapore? Apply to our talent pool now and jump onboard!

Pssst…Fourth of the people that we send to work abroad found their jobs by themselves. You can browse AngelList and Tech in Asia, create a profile in Hired and use their networks and connections to score your dream job. When one finds a job where the company qualifies as a startup, Startuplifers helps with the rest. We manage and pay the visa process and flights plus add you to our lifer-community in the location. Check more information of our on demand track from here!