Announcing a new destination!

We continually try to improve our program and make it respond better our applicants’ needs. Therefore, we are super excited to announce our new destination, Singapore, a perfect combination of east and west.

Singapore: why, what, how?



Being a global business and transportation hub, Singapore is one of the major players in the Asian economy. The city has extensive fintech sector and one of the highest GDP globally. The startup ecosystem doesn’t do bad either – in 2017, Singapore was ranked the 12th startup ecosystems in the world in Startup Genome ranking, and the government continues to pour money to research and development and to support the development of startup ecosystem.

Singapore surprises with its image as a melting-pot of all cultures yet the people that are leading a very western lifestyle And the business language happens to be something all of our applicants know, English. Makes it hella easier for you to catch that dream job!



By applying here. Did you know that it’s now open all year round.

Want to look for a job by yourself?

Just like all the other destinations, Singapore will be part of our On-Demand track. We are happy to help you through the visa and flights if you catch a job at a Singaporean startup by yourself. There are a few useful places to start scrolling for suitable positions in Singapore:

  • GetLinks – A Bangkok based startup specialized in atomizing recruitment in tech companies. The platform requires signup as you will receive appropriate positions based on your background.
  • Wantedly – A Japanese social recruiting platform which aims to match talents and the companies based on passion and company culture. A sign up is needed after which you are free to scroll all the available positions.
  • TechInAsia – A media platform for Asian tech community which has an extensive section for job listings in tech companies
  • AngelList – The grand old man of startup matching websites, AngelList, is also relevant in Asia. The site requires a signup but just like in Wantedly, you can search for all the possible positions.

Note: Not all the companies found from these websites are suitable to our program so remember to the check the suitability with the team first. You can read more about the criteria and the whole on-demand process here.

Startuplifers is a student-driven nonprofit internship program that sends students from Finland and Sweden to intern at startups in California and Singapore. Once you apply and get selected into the talent pool we will introduce you to interesting companies and coach you for the interviews. Once the offer is on the table, we take care of the visas and flights. Sounds like your thing? Apply here.

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