Startuplifers in 2018, what's cooking?

Even though it’s still cold and dark outside, the new year has turned most of our minds towards spring, light, and the opportunities that come with the upcoming season.

For a lot of students, spring means CV updating, job hunting and dreaming about new adventures that will take you to the next level career-wise.
For us, too. But we’re not updating our CVs or looking for positions that would suit us or waiting to fulfil one of our own professional dreams. For the Startuplifers team, spring means polishing spring batch applications, hunting for new startups to participate in the program, and excitedly waiting for the new wave of Startuplifers interns to start their startup jobs in San Francisco or Asia.
For our Fall batch 2017 hires, this spring means a new start in a far, far place. They are now getting their visas ready and starting to book their flights to San Francisco while some of them are already getting settled in the Bay Area or even exploring China (stay tuned for an introduction post of fall 2017 Startuplifers ???????? ).
Overall, last fall was very rewarding. We had an amazing batch of talent, exciting companies, and got great feedback and inspiration on how to develop the program further. Today, wiser than ever, we’re ready to make this spring batch better than before.
One of the changes is that the spring application period is a bit earlier than usual, and fits in the summer job hunting season perfectly for our students and startups. However, in most of the cases we are not providing your basic 3-month summer internship, but more demanding and committing job experiences where you can truly take responsibility and really learn by doing.
We’re also investing in the transparency of our process and hoping to provide even better help for our candidates to score the jobs they are introduced to.
Although a new year means turning a new page, we’re not forgetting our fall batch applicants. So, if you got selected to the talent pool last fall but your true match didn’t happen, don’t yet give up, because your profile can still be introduced to the right startup.
For the rest of you – apply to the talent pool! Applications are open now and stay that way until the 4th of February, and we start matching you with open positions as soon as we’ve reviewed your application. You might be shipped away right for the summer!
Much love,
Veera and the team ❤️

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