Announcing new name and expansion!

From Startup Life to a community of Startuplifers
We have always been very keen on our community and its amazing people, and that is why we have decided to change our name to one which better describes our talent network – Startuplifers. The name comes from the unique way we and the community around us has started to call our folks who have gone through the program. We have updated our visuals based on the new change and we will publish a new website this week just in time for our application period 1.-14.2.
On this note, you will reach our team from the email addresses

Startuplifers new logo

Expanding our horizons
World of startups is moving fast and new markets are emerging at a huge pace, and that is why we want to give the opportunity to experience this to as many as possible. We are super excited to announce that we are expanding our operations to three new countries – Sweden, China (Shanghai) and Japan (Tokyo)! This means that our applicants from Finnish universities can apply to work at startups in San Francisco, Tokyo and Shanghai this spring. We will also offer a new opportunity to Finnish startups – we are bringing students from Asia to work at Finnish startups (ping us if interested). Our new team Sweden is also starting with sending students to San Francisco already this spring. Here are short introductions of our new cities:

With bright lights and sky high buildings Shanghai is the hub for international startup scene in China. Numerous meetups and events are held every week and the scene is growing exponentially with the support of the government and startups. Things move extremely fast in this city, so the pace can help you learn quickly, move fast, and, ultimately, save a lot of valuable time. From history and culture, to trampoline parks and an outrageous nightlife and food & beverage scene, Shanghai has got you covered.
Quick facts

  • Population: 24 Million (2016)
  • Language: Mandarin Chinese, Shanghainese
  • Total area: 6,340 km2
  • Shanghai is a friendship city with Espoo, Finland

Quick tips

  • Learn “survival” mandarin chinese
  • Download WeChat
  • Learn the metro system, it’s reliable and cheap

Tai Yang <> or Henni Roini <>

This city is one of the world’s most populous metropolises and offers a seemingly unlimited possibilities in entertainment, dining, shopping and culture. Tokyo is following the money: from 2014 to 2015, venture capital funding raised in Japan doubled, from around $1 billion to $2 billion, and more young Japanese are approaching the startup world as a prestigious alternative to the country’s corporate sector. The number of startups founders and foreign startups are increasing all the time and the government recently made a call to put startups in the center of the country’s growth strategy.
Quick tips

  • Get Suica or Pasmo card for public transportation
  • Pocket wifi is easy and reliable
  • Startup scene uses Facebook Messenger for work – so delete those party pictures

Quick facts

  • Population: 13 Million
  • Language: Japanese
  • Metropolis Area: 2,187.66 km2

Veera Vimpari <>
“Asian markets offer amazing opportunities for startups and talent to grow companies – funding is increasing in this huge market with bigger companies also backing up the startups. Especially VR and gaming startup funds and companies are thriving.” Antti Sonninen, CEO of Slush Tokyo
We hope to see your application coming in during 1.-14.2., have a great day!
Henni, Veera, Toni and Alex

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