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Once again Startup Life fall batch is getting closer, and we are thrilled to announce the new folks who are going to make it better than ever! Meet the new faces Veera, Toni and Alex! Henni is continuing her Startup Life journey as a Program Manager when Siiri left to make‘s communications spectacular. This team will help all the future applicants, hopefully including you,  to catch their dream jobs in San Francisco and Silicon Valley – so stay tuned for the fall batch!



As an Information Networks major, Toni has been around the startup scene for a while, but didn’t really enter the circles until last year’s Slush. Photographing and motorcycling for fun, gym and badminton for sport, team leading and UX designing for work, these are things that usually fill his days when he needs a break from studies. Toni’s drive comes from doing new things – the next one of which is Startup Life!



As well as Toni, Veera is studying information networks at Aalto University. In addition to her studies Veera has been active in Information Networks guild Athene, where she organises awesome events. If in her spare time Veera is not busy hosting student events or attending one, she can most likely be found from a yoga class, a second hand store or watching Downton Abbey. With her adventurous spirit and eagerness to learn, this Kajaani based girl can’t wait to see what this next journey with Startup Life has in store for her! This techie will be responsible for Startup Life’s application system and website development.


While studying Law and Economics for the past few years, Alex has tried it all: having lived the life of a French chef, introvert american novelist, Mediterranean bartender, amateur actor and director, a soldier and a skibum, he feels that it is now time to contribute to our world, to facilitate creating good. With a bit of a sparkle in his eye, Alex brands himself as an idealist, he is enthusiastic about bringing together the people with the skillset required to contribute to a better future of mankind. Big words? Maybe. But the again, we are here to start up lives.


For the past year, she has done a fair share in the community with experience in Aaltoes and Slush. Henni has worked in a consulting company, national student union, creative agency and now talent recruiting program – she’s a bit of jack of all trades. Now she is pursuing her Startup Life career further as the team captain, taking care that the new team has the best tools to create new awesome batches of Startup Lifers!
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Toni, Veera, Alex and Henni

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