Introducing the Brand New Startup Lifers from Fall Batch 2015

The brand new Startup Lifers from the last Fall Batch have now spread their wings and flown to San Francisco!

We want to introduce Juuso, Mohamed, Henrik and Shashi, the newest generation of Startup Lifers!


I am a freshman in Information Processing Science in the University of Oulu. I am from a town called Muhos, which is about 30 minute away from Oulu.

I joined Memebox thorugh Startup Life. Memebox’s office is located in SoMa area of San Francisco. The same building also houses other startups, like Indiegogo. Startup fund Y Combinator should also move in later this year. I started working at Memebox last Monday, less than two weeks after getting my visa approved. Memebox is an e-commerce platform for Korean beauty products. In other words, Memebox sells cosmetics online.

I will be programming their new e-commerce platform from scratch. I don’t have a title, but I guess software engineer is quite accurate to what I do. I’m looking forward to building something which will be used by many people. The software will not only serve the consumers, but also other divisions of the company. Making something which satisfies everyone in a timely manner will be a challenge.


I am currently on my second year of EIT Digital Master program in Human-Computer Interaction and Design. It’s a dual degree program where you spend one year in Aalto and one year in a different university. I am originally from Egypt.

 I applied Startup Life last fall and I joined Le Tote in San FranciscoLe Tote offers unlimited totes of 5 clothing items based on a subscription model (50$/month). It is the “Netflix of fashion”.

I started working last week and I will be working as an Engineering intern, working with both the design and engineering team to develop new features for the iOS and mobile web apps. As I have a minor in innovation and entrepreneurship, it is nice to work for a startup and see both sides (technical and business) in action.


I study entrepreneurship (also some marketing and information systems) at Turku School of Economics. This is my fourth year. I’m from Turku and I’ve lived there for most of my life.

I joined one of the Startup Life veterans, BetterDoctor. The offices are located in San Francisco. SOMA to be more specific. I started working already on February 1st.

My role will be in UX design. It’s something I’ve done in Finland for some years and this opportunity will give me a lot of opportunities to learn. I am most excited to see how a SF startup actually works. It might sound boring to some but to me the most interesting part about working abroad is getting a new perspective to how companies operate. Everything from how business goals are set to how products are designed and engineered. And of course I’m excited about enjoying the weather.


I am currently doing my 2nd year of  masters in Cloud Computing and services. I am originally  from India, but I’m part of the EIT Digital Master school and I did my first year of masters in France and now I’m doing  my 2nd  in Aalto, Finland.

I joined BetterDoctor, it is located in San Francisco. I started working already on Feb 8th. BetterDoctor helps people find and connect to the best doctors through our consumer app, doctor marketing services, and API.

I am currently a sys ops intern working on BetterDoctors Cloud infrastructure by using latest tools like Chef  and 12 factor app methodologies. I am excited to learn the latest tools and methodologies which support infrastructure as code. Also I am looking forward for my academic project (master thesis) at BetterDoctor.

The Startup Life team congratulates Juuso, Mohamed, Henrik and Shashi and wishes them good luck in their adventures!


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