Why YOU Should Do an Internship in San Francisco, by Startup Lifer Emil

If there’s one thing that can be said of last summer spent working at San Francisco, it’s this: It would have been totally worth it for just half of the experience! Here’s why:
Firstly, San Francisco is just as positively bonkers as people say it is. It’s full of easy going, super friendly and open people which affects the whole city and it’s vibe. And it’s catchy. Just after a couple of weeks I noticed that I smile way more than before.
In addition, you have absolutely stunning beaches where you can surf or just ride along with your bike. There are more concerts, festivals, sport events and other activities than you can count happening all around you. Yosemite national park and the giant redwoods are also just a drive away. Combine this with superb weather all year round (during the whole time I was there it rained ONCE for 5 minutes!) and you are set. It feels like time is running out no matter how much you’ve got left with all these possibilities. If you are active or like to try new things San Francisco is definitely the place for you.
And that brings me to my next point which is food. Something that SF is not lacking either in quality or quantity. And there’s always something new to try that would have never crossed my mind in a million years. Like Sushiburrito. Who would have thought?
As for the actual internship, chances are that you won’t find a better deal. You get to work on challenging and important stuff right of the bat because it’s a startup and they can’t afford to waste you. The other thing is that because it’s a startup the circles are smaller. In bigger companies interns don’t get to play ping pong with the CEO or attend the same meetings. That gives a unique and a lot more comprehensive view of the business than an entry level internship at a big company.
Startups also move a lot faster so a normal day will feel like two. Add that to the constant challenges and a level of uncertainty and it can all feel like too much sometimes. Though that is counterbalanced with more enthusiastic co-workers. Uninterested people just don’t end up in startups. I guess the small size and enthusiasm are, afterall, the reasons why on average the social atmosphere is very good in startups. The company I worked with (Kitman Labs) became kind of a second family to me, something I can’t imagine happening in a different setting.
San Francisco is a cool place to work but getting there on your own is a hassle. And that’s where Startup Life comes in. They give you a platform for applying that is as convenient as can be, the companies are top notch and you will get help with filling all the legal documents.
Need I say more?
Emil spent summer 2015 in a summer internship at Kitman Labs. Would you like to spend summer 2016 in a booming startup in San Francisco? Check out the open positions at startuplife.fi/jobs and apply latest today at 23.59!

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