Busting some startup myths, by Startup Lifer Pekka

Hello, my name is Pekka! I have spent the last 8 months working in a small startup called Spreecast located in the heart of the tech buzz in downtown San Francisco. The work has been exciting, challenging and most importantly a great learning experience. I have had a chance to network with a lot of interesting people and have got many new friends.
Now it’s time for me to convince you to take the same leap and get rid of the last parts of suspicion that might be preventing you from applying. I have gathered below some of my own thoughts before I moved here with answers from the experience now 8 months later.
“People tend to work long hours at startups”
Don’t be afraid of it as when you are working on something that you are passionate about you won’t even notice the time passing by. Before you know it you will be spending longer hours than you intended because you like hanging around the office with your colleagues working together towards the common goal.
“What is the work like? Is it only coding the whole day through?”
The work is not only coding or designing in front of the monitor all day long but also meetings where you can present your own views, make a change and affect the course of a product or the whole company. In startups your personal effort usually matters more than you even realize; the piece of code or design you made might be used by thousands of people or more the next day.
“The rent is sky high in San Francisco”
This part is sadly true but there are a lot of opportunities to find housing or at least great tips through the social circles of Startup Lifers. Also, there is a reason why people want to live in this city by the bay. The views are magnificent from the top of the many hills and there seems to be no end to new places to check out and events to attend.
So take the leap, be bold and remember to have fun!

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