Greetings from San Francisco, by Startup Lifer Ruud

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Hi, my name is Ruud and I am one of the few Startup Lifers that is not originally from Finland, instead I represent the Dutch delegation of Startup Life! I studied last year at Aalto University, where I came in contact with Startup Life. It feels like yesterday, but it is already 3 months ago since I moved to the beautiful city of San Francisco. Time really flies when you are having fun!
In the beginning of this year, I was working on my Master Thesis in Helsinki. It was about time to start thinking about what I wanted to do after I finished my studies. Startup Life was at that time promoting their program and it seemed almost too good to be true. I did not really have anything to lose, so I applied, which turned out to be a great decision! After a few interviews with different companies, I choose to go work for a small startup Spreecast.
The first few weeks in San Francisco were a blast! I had to find a place to live, make new friends and of course start my new job. At Spreecast I felt immediately part of team and everybody was super helpful and nice. Pekka, another Startup lifer, is also working at Spreecast. It is fun to work together and still have some Finnish culture around me. The work I am doing at Spreecast is exciting, I am mainly developing for iOS and Android, but I am also working some server-side projects, which makes the job very diverse and interesting. I have only been at the company for three months, so let see what is more to come!
Of course, beside working, there also has to be time for fun. Luckily, in San Francisco you can find plenty of it. In this short period of time I have been in San Francisco, I already visited most of the highlights, I explored tons of bars and I tried plenty of the different cuisines San Fra┬áncisco has to offer. And of course, let’s not forget about the visit of the Startup Life team where we went hang out in Dolores park with the whole Startup Life family.
In the coming months, I hope I will get more involved in the startup community, to learn more about the how to startup my own company someday!
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Ruud applied to Startup Life in the last Spring Batch, and landed an internship at Spreecast, and online video startup situated in the heart of San Francisco.

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