Startup Life Autumn Batch kicks off on Thursday!


The summer vacation is long gone, the refreshening autumn breeze is all around us, and soon it’s time to kick off the Startup Life Autumn Batch of 2015!

The team has been roaming the San Francisco Bay Area for two weeks in search for booming startups, and on Thursday we will introduce the startups and post their open positions at

So, what’s new?

Well, first of all, we have a brand new application system and the application form has been updated, too! From now on, you will be able to log into our application system with your own username and password. You are able to access your application after sending it in, as well as updating it yourself. Easier and smoother, that is.
This year, we concentrate on internships in Silicon Valley and San Francisco. The San Francisco Bay Area is the epicenter of startups, venture capital, and tech in general. In the SF startup ecosystem you will have the steepest learning curve, you will build the best networks and you get to choose from the most exciting startups in the world.
In October, Startup Life will host two events: the first on Thursday 8th and the second on Wednesday 14th. The first event will feature stories from some of our most recent alumni, and the second functions as a portfolio and LinkedIn profile coaching event. Stay tuned for more info!

The application period will close on October 31st, which gives you one month to choose the startups that inspire you the most and send in your application.

Once you have sent in your application, our team will help you perfect it. Together, we will hone your application and polish your portfolio and LinkedIn profile, so that when we match you with the startups, you will leave the best possible first impression.
As always, startups make the decisions on who to interview and who to hire. And for that reason it is paramount to impress them with your skills and enthusiasm already in your application. Please keep in mind that startups normally hire as soon as they get the perfect match. The early bird catches the worm in the startup job hunt, too. In order to make sure that you don’t miss the window of opportunity in landing an internship at your favorite startup, please don’t leave your application to the last day!

Get inspired and apply!

If you have already decided to apply and can hardly wait for the application form to open – great! Your wait is over soon.
However, if you are still wondering if you should apply or not, please feel free to get inspired by reading some blog posts written by our Startup Lifers and the alumni of the program! Here are some to start with
It’s okay to be scared, by Juhis
A note for programmers, by Kenneth
The most important lessons Silicon Valley can provide, by Karri
A note for designers, by Avesta
A quick guide on finding the right startup and getting hired, by the team
You can also get to know to the newest Startup Lifer generation, who landed their dream internships last spring. Read their introductions here, here, here and here.
And remember, if you have any questions at all, feel free to shoot me a message!
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