Meet the new Startup Life team!


The new Startup Life team has taken the reins and is preparing for another year of Startup Life awesomeness!
Siiri, continuing her journey with Startup Life as the new program manager ganged up with enthusiastic go-getters Eemeli and Riko, in order to form a top-notch team behind Startup Life once again. During the summer months, the team started preparing for the Autumn Batch by scouting for new inspiring and booming startups, by booking flights to San Francisco for a partnership-building trip and by building an even better application system and database to handle the growing amount of applicants.
Who are the people behind Startup Life? – Meet Eemeli, Siiri and Riko!
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(from top to bottom)
Developer by day, and DJ by night. Eemeli is the most well known guy from small town called Mynämäki (at least in his own opinion) who’s still surviving from the cultural shock of moving from his cottage to the big city of Espoo. He’s new to Aaltoes but eager to take on every challenge that comes to him. Eemeli is the team’s certified code wizard, and responsible for the previously mentioned application system and database.
A Media and Communications student feeling strangely at home with the tech students at Otaniemi, and venturing into the world of Industrial Engineering and Management through her minor studies starting this year. Siiri is continuing her story with Startup Life for another year, taking on new challenges – and loving every second of it.
Riko studies Industrial Engineering and Management at Aalto University with Software Engineering as his minor. He is an enthusiastic entrepreneur and an event organiser with previous experience from Slush, Aaltoes, Summer of Startups and in his own startup. In his spare time you might find him on water with some kind of a board, most probably sitting on it while admiring the beauty of everything.
We are super excited for the upcoming year – and we hope that you are, too! The hustle is about to start soon, so stay tuned by following our Facebook page!
Oh, and one more thing: The application period will open on October 1st! Save the date!

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