Startup Life's Spring Batch 2015 (part two)

Last week, we introduced the first four Startup Life interns from the Spring Batch of 2015. Today, we proudly present the next five brand new Startup Lifers, who will start their internships in Silicon Valley and San Francisco in the following weeks. How exciting! 
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Roope Hovi
Roope is in the second year of his Master’s Degree in Software Engineering and Business in Aalto University. Next week, he will be flying to San Francisco to join Webflow, a startup that offers a website builder for designers. Roope says that as soon as he had the first chat with the people at Webflow over Skype, he  knew right away that he had found the best startup for himself.
At Webflow, Roope will be working as a full-stack software developer. He admits to be super excited for getting in, as well as starting the internship so quickly and meeting all the Webflow people in person. Roope has already got some plans for free time, too. He is especially looking forward to go sailing and visiting some baseball and basketball matches.
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Tommi “Ruksi” Laine
Tommi, or Ruksi, as he is known among friends, studies Computer Science in the University of Turku, and specializes in information security.  In June, he will be joining a startup called Leap Motion, which builds a rather interesting user interface between a human and a computer.
Ruksi will work as a software developer, and he says that he isn’t very hyped about mindless programming, but is most inspired by the possibility of venturing new fields of engineering and learning new skills when working with Leap Motion Controller. On his free time, the sailing enthusiast will most likely be found on a boat somewhere off the coast of San Francisco.
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Antti Vanhala
Antti is in the second year of his Bachelor’s Degree in the Aalto University, studying Computer Science and minoring in Information Networks. He will soon become the second Startup Life intern at Synack, as he follows Marko’s footsteps to the Redwood City based cyber security startup.
Antti gave up his student exchange year in South Korea to work as a software developer in Silicon Valley. He is very excited to get a change of scenery, and looks forward to starting his internship and building his professional working experience at Synack.
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Ruud Visser
Ruud has just finished his Master of Science in the EIT ICT Labs Master School. He completed a double degree in Computer Science and ICT Innovation in Delft University of Technology and Aalto University. Originally, Ruud is from the Netherlands.
In the end of July, Ruud will join Pekka at Spreecast, the startup which builds the interactive social video platform. At Spreecast, Ruud will be working as a mobile developer, and he is excited to see how the overall experience of Startup Life in San Francisco will turn out for him.
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Tommi Kaikkonen
Tommi is graduating soon from Aalto University, where he studied Economics and Business Administration, majoring in Marketing. Tommi has also studied Computer Science in his minor studies. In a bit more than a month, Tommi will join Crowdbooster in the center of San Francisco. Crowdbooster, which has just moved their office from Palo Alto to the center of San Francisco, provides companies with a social media analytics solution.
At Crowdbooster, Tommi will be working as a software developer, as well as venturing to the business side from time to time.  He is very excited to get out of Finland and to try his wings in the professional working life for the first time, as well as getting to explore a new city and its culture.
The Startup Life team wishes Roope, Ruksi, Antti, Ruud and Tommi the best of luck with their upcoming internships! 
Well done, guys!

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