Introducing the Startup Life Spring Batch 2015 (part one)

Startup Life’s Spring Batch 2015 is now over, and it’s time to introduce the brand new Startup Lifers!
This blog post features the first four interns from Startup Life’s spring batch of 2015, who have already relocated to the Bay Area. There will be quite a few more, so stay tuned!
Aviary Photo_130764927334525339Jussi Kolehmainen
Jussi is has graduated from Systems and Operations Research from Aalto SCI, and is currently pursuing his second degree in Finance at Aalto BIZ. He applied successfully in the spring batch, and has now ended up working as a full-stack engineer at BetterDoctor in San Francisco. BetterDoctor produces a search engine and a ranking service for doctors in the US, and Jussi will be their eighth Startup Life intern.
Jussi relates to his internship at a San Francisco -based startup with great enthusiasm.  When it comes to free time, he is already making plans to visit the Yosemite National Park. To future Startup Life applicants, Jussi gives a word of advice: remember to reserve enough time for the application process and especially for the interviews, since there might be a lot of them!
Aviary Photo_130764937269401434Pekka Sipilä
Pekka is studying his Master of Science at Aalto University, majoring in Computer Science and minoring in Aaltonaut, an interdisciplinary product development study programme. Pekka moved to San Francisco almost a month ago to join Spreecast, a startup building a social and interactive video platform.
At Spreecast, Pekka will be working mainly as a mobile developer for the startup’s Android app. He is super excited about joining a small, open-minded startup with zero hierarchy, and an office on the 20th floor in the heart of San Francisco. One thing Pekka will definitely not miss about Finland is the weather, though he might miss his student buddies from Otaniemi. Luckily, one of his friends will be following him to San Francisco in a month or so, and he’s a Startup Lifer, too!
Aviary Photo_130764937671591665Gonçalo Pestana
Gonçalo is in the last year of his Master’s studies, and about to finish his thesis in Security and Mobile Computing at Aalto University.  Originally, Gonçalo is from Lisbon, Portugal, where he completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Network Communications Engineering.
Last week, Gonçalo joined FiveStars, a startup located in SOMA, which is probably the most crowded district of San Francisco when it comes to startups. FiveStars builds an online customer loyalty network for small and medium businesses. During his summer internship, Gonçalo will be working as a full-stack developer, as well as as a back-end developer.
Aviary Photo_130764937006577227Marko Raatikka
Marko studies Media Technology at Aalto University, and will graduate later this year. This week, he hopped on a plane for San Francisco, and joined Synack as a web engineer. Synack, with its office located further down the peninsula in Redwood City, is a cyber security startup providing enterprises with a subscription Security-as-a-Service solution.
Along with working hard and refining his professional skills at Synack, Marko will focus on building contacts and networks, finding new friends, and perhaps visiting a basketball match or two. Marko wishes that he was an outstanding multitasker, since there is so much going on in San Francisco both in work and in free time.
The Startup Life team congratulates Jussi, Pekka, Gonçalo and Marko on their internships, ad wishes them the best of luck on their adventures in San Francisco! 
More new Startup Lifers will be introduced next week. Stay tuned!

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