Stay hungry, stay focused– what I learned while working in San Francisco

Hey people! My name is Oona and I was working at MyTime as a Marketing Intern during fall 2014.  Working in San Francisco had always been a dream of mine and therefore I was super pumped when I was offered the opportunity to do so.  I left there as soon as my visa kicked in and I haven’t regretted it once.
Even though I’ve always considered San Francisco to be one of my favorite cities and I really love what the whole Nor.Cal has to offer in terms of funtime (Napa Valley, Yosemite, Santa Cruz etc…the list goes on), last fall was slightly different for me. You probably know that both, the city and Bay area in general, are filled with extremely smart and passionately working people and that’s actually why I thought in the first place that it would be a perfect place for me to go and learn from them. And working there has been one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve had so far.
So what did I learn then? Let me share some of the things with you.
Firstly, I have to say that I got lucky with my company and especially with my immediate manager. I feel that she was more of a mentor to me than a supervisor. What I learned from her was to have concrete goals and a plan how to achieve them. It may sound simple, and in away I also already had some goals in mind before my internship. However it really made a difference when me and my manager touched base frequently to check how I’m doing and what kind of projects should I take on in order to learn certain skills that I wanted to master. Remember to stay focused.
Second thing I’d like to tip you might sound equally simple, but remember to mix-n-mingle.  Get to know your co-workers and attend to some outside work activities as well. There are so many brilliant people in the Bay area so you honestly learn so much even by chatting with them casually. Also the late evenings in the office don’t matter when you feel that you’re working with your friends.
Thirdly, have fun out there. Stay curious about your work and also while exploring the city.  Take on projects you have no clue how to actually do. You’re smart, so you’ll figure it out. Don’t be afraid to ask and seek for help. Additionally go to events that might not sound like 100% of your thing, because you might end up having tons of fun anyway and making new friends along the way.
So I guess that I’d like to conclude this post by saying that “yay, you’re going to have an awesome time”. But remember why you went there in the first place and make sure you make the most out of your internship! Have ideas but make sure that you’ll have a plan on how to execute them.  Stay hungry and take on challenging projects but also remember to have fun while doing them 🙂

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