Startup Life blog is bursting with knowledge about the internship and hype about how awesome it is going to be for your career. If the blog hasn’t already convinced you to apply, I’m going to try to look at the awesomeness that is Startup Life internship in the Bay Area from couple of different angles.
If you are in Finland, please look outside. Is the sun shining? Is it +25 degrees celsius? I didn’t think so. However, in general the weather is pretty damn great in the Bay Area. While the winter months tend to be a bit cooler than the summer, it is still a good 20-40 degrees warmer compared to Finland. This means if you are in to sports like motorcycling, cycling, surfing etc you might enjoy the weather a bit better than in Finland. For example I commuted on bicycle for four months and on skateboard for another three.
Everyone knows the gun-loving, burger-munching stereotype of an American. I admit having believed in such stereotype myself before moving to San Francisco. The nine months I spent there were an eye opening experience after which my view on Americans was much improved. I got to meet the normal Americans who were as appalled about certain US policies as I was, hated fast food as much or more than I did and none of them owned guns. If you are held back by some negative feelings towards the very common American stereotype, please reconsider and give them a chance, you might be surprised by the results.
Getting to know people from the US was very rewarding to me. Especially in a city like San Francisco which has a rich history of various subcultures, a large immigrant population and a very liberal feel to it overall. If there’s any particular subculture or a group of people you identify with, I’m almost certain you will find it represented in San Francisco. It’s a city where you can find anything.
The culture in the company I spent my nine months with was especially open minded. We didn’t have strict rules about almost anything. The whole company worked on the idea that hiring great people and allowing them to organize themselves will yield the best results. During my stay I was invited to variety of events and parties, some of which I have hard time believing would be possible in Finland, I made great friends and had a ton of Fun!
Apply to startup life now, go to San Francisco and Have Fun!

Startup Lifer Risto just finished his internship at the San Francisco-based startup Apportable, where he worked as a software engineer for 9 months. 

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