MultiTouch is a Finland based high-tech company specializing in large interactive screens. MultiTouch employs some 50 people with six of them working in the U.S. The company is currently experiencing high growth with its market leader technology all over the world.
Monday 6.30am. “BZZZZZZZZZ!” My cellphone alarm starts buzzing. Time to head off to MultiTouch office to start my first day at the company I applied to five months earlier. To get there, I would have to withstand merely two hours of Silicon Valley traffic.
I head to the garage to start my 96’ Jeep I bought a week ago. It works like a beauty. 90’s hardware never lets you down.
9.00 am. I step inside to the MultiTouch office in the southernmost city in Silicon Valley area – Los Gatos.
At first I notice how overdressed I am. Quoting Kristian Segerstråle – an early Supercell investor and CEO of Super Evil Megacorp (and one of the most influential Finns in Silicon Valley) – “the more regular you look, usually the more competitive you are in what you do”. It certainly seemed that I was surrounded by people with skills.
12.00 pm. The morning basically started with easygoing conversations with my colleagues and filling up tax information plus some other papers. By noon, I had familiarized myself with the whole staff present at that time in our Silicon Valley office – that’s two people.
MultiTouch sells interactive screens (Big Ones!) and a lot of the work is done by going to the customer. The company is in a high growth phase here in the U.S. and that sets some challenges to the daily operations. Although the position I applied for was “Business Development Associate” it very soon became clear that you get to do a lot of different sorts of tasks. There are no limits, from sales to technical stuff, you pretty much got to handle it. This suits me perfectly, this is what I came for. It’s good to go outside your comfort zone, the more the better.
On this particular Monday my boss was in New York setting up our new office, so I had an opportunity to get to know the actual product more in depth. This time I stayed in my comfort zone and decided to play air hockey on the interactive screen. Good stuff, I wish I had one of these back home!
5.00 pm. It’s time to wrap it up for the day. In a day, I had sucked up as much information as I could. I bet I asked a question every two minutes, luckily we have an awesome team here and they kindly answered each one of them! The working culture here is extremely relaxed. You can come and go as you like as long as you get your work done.
At the end of the day I had learned about interactive technology, touch integrated SDKs and distribution strategy for our products. I had already started on my first task at MultiTouch, that’s partner search around the U.S. Also, I got an overall picture about the schedule for the fall. It seems like I’ll get to know a lot of places from New York to those little convention centers in Texas. I also decided to show up the next day in shorts and a T-shirt.
Karri Kurunmäki, 25, Business Development Associate at MultiTouch Americas. Master’s student in Aalto University School of Business.

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