One final note: Do Hard Things.

This is a goodbye note. After 2.5 years in Aaltoes and Startup Sauna, the last 1.5 focusing on Startup Life, it’s time for me to go. The best part of the whole time has been an unique opportunity to learn, and while this Summer has definitely been all about it, for me the pace is slowing down. Therefore next up, something else. Also, there really is no better timing, as Tatu is coming back from Califonia and taking the role of Startup Life program manager from me in September. The program really couldn’t be left in better hands.
As I’ve spent a big part of the last couple of weeks on documenting the impact of our program – both home and all around the world, I didn’t feel like doing yet another history review. When starting to think something like three lessons learned, everything always came back to this one. Do Hard Things. Why?

Hard things are hard because – by definition – doing them is not easy. It takes time, effort and still, not everyone can do them. And they shouldn’t be easy. Because that is exactly the reason what makes them desirable for you and for the rest of the world.

Applying this into startup life is easy. Startups should be focusing on solving hard problems, being useful to the world. There’s a lot money to be made in the process if you’re doing something useful, that not many are able to do.
Applying this to Startup Life (capital letters 😉 is as easy, too. Finding and getting hired by a startup you feel passionate working at and – at the same time – is naturally highly selective in their recruiting, is hard. I think I can say that from both personal and professional experience by now. Which is exactly the reason why you shouldn’t stop trying.
Over and out. Apply to Startup Life.

A blast from the past. First time in California with Aaltoes in Nov '11.
A blast from the past. First time in California with Aaltoes in Nov “11.

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