Back and it’s bigger than ever!

The past 2 years have been truly amazing, we have had such a strong presence in the States that companies seems to be lining up to be part of our program. So we are back from Summer bigger and better than before.
New face and new companies
Tatu Mäkijärvi has spent his summer in the company Lookout Mobile Security doing his internship and is taking over the Program Manager role full time. Before he comes back to Finland, Tatu will spend his last two weeks in the States locking down more companies to add to the already impressive list of Startup Life.
So, are you interested in doing an internship abroad? It’s so easy! First, get inspired by the real life stories of our past interns on the blog, then take a look at the numerous jobs found on the website. (The jobs are divided in 3 categories: Engineering, Business and Design) and APPLY!
All of our companies are located in beautiful California or cool New York. Both places are hubs for the best startups from around the world. If you have the skills and you study in Finland and want to do something life-changing and challenging, then here is your chance to know what it is like to be on be on a rocket ship.

“If someone offers you a seat on a rocket ship, don’t ask which seat, just get on!” -Sheryl Sandberg, on starting with Google.

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